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Q? Is it possible to have both MS and PD?

Is it possible to have both Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's Disease (at the same time)?

I understand that some symptoms are common with both diseases.
I understand that PD is "possible" after severe head trauma.
I understand that MS is diagnosed thru MRI's (lesions), Spinal Taps (LP's), blood-work, etc.

Can you actually have both diseases, at the same time, and your Neurologist, not realize this?
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if I remember correctly (but since my rememberer is broken it is doubtful) the tremors in MS and PD are quite different. So if you have tremors it would seem like a slam dunk to recognize PD vs MS.

I would think it is possible to have both. Right now my Neuro is treating me for Sjogren's which blood tests have confirmed but I think I have both Sjogren's and MS as the treatment has had no effect on my symptom as they are continuing to get worse.

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Here is an interesting article about trauma and later development of MS and PD. Not sure it is exactly what you are looking for though.

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Hi socrates,
It is entirely possible to have two separate disease processes going on - PD and MS are very different and you don't see PD listed as a mimic of MS.

Both are neurological disorders.  MS, as you know, is a disease of the central nervous system.  Parkinsons is a motor systems disorder.

I sure hope you don't have both - that would be really rough!

my best,

PD is a disease of the
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Hey, Socrates
I have a former colleague with both.  Her PD cropped up while her MS was in remission.  Yep. Possible.  I certainly hope you don't have both

Hi thanks for answering my question I was Stephanie told by my doctor about half an hour ago that I have both I don't know what to do he is perplexed I don't know where I go from here thank you
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I only know of a lady who her specialist was sure had MS but her MRI didn't tally with her gowing movement issues, she was dx with PD and possible MS. I also have a vage memory of coming across a guy who was dx with PD and then MS but i cant recall if it was a duel dx or the MS replaced the PD. I think its very possible to have MS and another movement dissorder or even additionally having lupus too, rare but possible.

What makes you think it could also be PD, are you seeing the pin rolling in your tremor or is it just from the violence of the tremor? I ask because i can identify 3 types of tremors which i think might be unusual. When i've really over done it physically, I feel a more violent tremor that rumbles and builds in intensity, thats unlike how others 'here' describe, so i have wondered about PD too.

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I have both Parkinson's and MS and take meds for both. It seems to be a rare accuracy and I can't find any information on how to deal with both. Any information would be helpful.
I appreciate you answered that question. I also have both and I am so confused,  my doctor is even confused. Please follow up your answer what medicines are you wan that I might ask for ? thank you
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Know how you feel. I am also diagnosed with both (MS, verified by 3 MRIs and 2 neurologists, one of which is an MS specialist, in 2009) and just yesterday, again by 2 separate neurologists was diagnosed as having PD. Can't find any info on what happens now. DRs said they'd have to research it to give me some answers.
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I all have bth MS and Parkinson's.  I was diagnosed with MS 11 years ago and PD two years ago. I thought I was experiencing an exasperation of MS but it turned out to be a symptom of PD. I felt as though my feet were in cement blocks.  It was very hard to walk and my actions were much slower than normal.  
I fell into a deep depression.  MS wasn't like that for me. Because I have RAR, I mostly am in remission.  PD scares me more in terms of progression.
What do you think?
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It is often the case that once you have a major dx, doctors stop looking for any others. I have Systemic Sclerosis, Secondary Progressive MS, Sjrogens, and several other less common autoimmune disorders, aND many othe serious medical conditions. It took a while to discover the MS, after already having the Systemic Sclerosis dx.

Doctors kept trying to fit the neurological symptoms into the Systemic Sclerosis - even though they wouldn't fit. Thankfully some tests for other things revealed the surprising dx! Frustrating!

I hope you get the help you need! We must never assume one dx precludes another!
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