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Question about heat

Another question.  I am always hot.  When everyone around me is cold or comfortable I feel hot.  I wake up at night in a cold sweat too.  At the gym, if I over-exert myself I sweat profusely.  Is this indicative of MS?
Thanks again
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Sorry, me again hehe I am exactly the same, but again not diagnosed yet. My colleagues have even joked that I am going through early onset menopause, even though I am only 24. I sweat quite a bit even with no exertion as I seem to have a higher body temperature anyway and can't regulate the heat properly or something.

I have to have my ceiling fan on during winter I get so bad at night.

Mel :-)
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What you both describe does sound like symptoms of Menopause.  Pat I don't know your age, but Mel, you are too young to be going through even "early Menopause."  

I also suffer from the exact symptoms as both of you, but I AM at the age of Menopause.  Since I DO have a diagnosis of MS and a lower than normal body temperature, every day for the past 30 years, I would think that I may have some problems in the brain stem area.  At least this is what my Neuro tells me.  It has to do with the thermoregulartory system.

As I have always felt, I have to be careful blaming everything on MS and remember that there are other reasons that things go wrong with the body.  So at this point, until I am shown through MRI that I have a lesion on my brain stem that can affect my autonomic nervous system, I will assume that MINE is menopause.

Let's just some were are some "hot" broads....makes us sound sexy, don't you think?

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I have a problem with heat, but with the winter approaching, I am doing MUCH better. Unless somebody turns the heat up! I do not seem to be hot in general, except to the extent that a big girl would get, lol! I like the hot broads; I need all the help I can get to sound sexy, Heather =) Due to a hyster several years ago, I am not in menopause. My heat issues seem confined to summer months and hot rooms. I agree cold seats at night sounds like menopause - or really bad dreams - maybe even really GOOD dreams, the Johnny Depp kind;)

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I have never had a problem with night sweats (and have never dreamed about Johnny Depp) until just the last 6 weeks since this last "attack" hit me. My body temp is also low (usually in the 96-97 degrees) and I sleep with a window unit air conditioner going in my room at night. I keep the air conditioner at 65 degrees and have a huge ceiling fan going on medium above the bed and still wake several time during the night drenched in sweat. Since I am 42 years old I have had my hormone levels check to see if this is due to menopause and my levels came back normal so this new sweating is not due to menopause. The "hot" spells are not just happening at night either, sometimes they do occur during the day, but they are the worst at night. I cant handle the room temp being too hot or too cold, as the cold causes the nerve pain on my skin to hurt again. I can't really say why this is happening with me, as I am still undiagnosed, but I do know that it is something I have not experienced in the past and only began when this last "attack" began.
      Another "HOT" broad!!!
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     Here is something else that is happening to me ONLY during the night. When I wake my arms and especially my hands are numb and "asleep". ALL THE TIME!!! No matter how long I have been asleep, one or both of them will be affected. My arms will be tingly and my hands completely numb, to the point of not being able to feel anything for about 5 to 10 minutes after waking. This has been happening for over a year now but just in the last 6 weeks since my last "attack" occured it has become severely worse. I sleep either on my side or on my tummy with at least one arm under my pillow and that is the one that becomes numb. Until just recently I never had reason to think it was anything other than just my laying on it, but now I wonder if it might have something to do with "whatever" is "attacking" me. Does anyone else experience this?
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Ever since I started having MS symptoms, heat has been at the top of the list.  I am also at the menopause age right now but I don't think I was when my symptoms first started.  

I can look back 10 to 15 years ago and actually see symptoms of MS.  My doctor and I always blamed it on other things.  Heat was a real problem then also.   I fist was looked at for MS in 2004 but I've had the same symptoms except for the chronic pain for the whole 10 years prior.  

As far as the numbness when I wake, I have a degree of numbness in my hands and arms all the time, but I don't think it is any worse when waking up.  I hope I have been able to help you a little.  Hang in there, you'll be okay.

I'll be praying,

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Just checking back in.  I wrote the original post at 2 in the morn when I couldn't sleep...I am 40 yrs old.  No other meno symptoms yet... This has been going on for a while actually.  The worst is when I am in work and someone turns the heat up.  Everyone else is just great but I have to strip down to my tshirt and in the winter when it is cold on the way in that can mean a few layers come off.  I am a bit overweight at 220 but think it has more to do than that.  The night sweats are freaky.  Wake up and clothing around my neck is wet even though I have only been sleeping not running the treadmil.  Like the hot broad label...So, if it is not menopause and not due to weight...is it an ms symptom?
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I get really hot real easy too, and it drives my family crazy.  I also can get cold and goosebumpy easy too.  So my temperature is easily upset and sensitive.  Anyone else get cold too?  I was tested for menopause and it is a no.
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They thought the same thing with me - that I was in permi-menopause or crashing into menopause. "Hot flushes"they said - blood tests all showed hormones are absolutely fine - I am nowhere near it hormonally. I have had quite a few this year - all saying the same thing.

I now know my heat issues are due to MS - I have a lot of trouble regulating my body temperature. It being almost summer and already quite hot in Australia (Sydney) - we are really trying to sort stuff out on that front, to keep the house temperate, as we have no air-con and not much spare cash to install anything decent.

I have found that a spritz bottle (which I put some lavender essential oil in for cooling) has really helped when I feel heat start to rise. I carry it with me. It freshens me up and the lavender cools. (Real lavender though, not chemical). I am using it a lot - even at work, which is aircondtioned.

Re: cold. Got the absolute freezing shivers the other night and was all rugged up when partner and son were running around in t-shirts and shorts. First time in ages it's gone the other way.  Don't quite know how to handle that other than to do whatever possible to get warm.

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I like being labeled a hot broad. What about you all?

What all of you are describing is EXACTLY what I have been going through for about 12 months.  As most of you know, I have a diagnosis of MS.  I am also going through menopause (age 54) but I do NOT attribute this to hot flashes.  I know the difference and this is NOT a hot flash.

One minute I am cold, the next minute I am hot.  At night the bed can be drenched with sweat and the next minute I am cold.  I know some women that have been through menopause and they have told me that this can be some of the symptoms, but really....this is ridiculous.

I'll tell you one thing, I don't have to pay any gym to be a member...I get plenty of exercise, putting on my sweater, taking off my sweater, pulling up the sheets, kicking off the sheets, shedding my nightgown, putting on my nightgown...this is just plain ridiculous.  I'm exhausted at the end of any 24 hour period.

So this "hot broad" can identify what all of you are going through.  If you find out what it is, before I do, I hope that you will post.

Hot Broad Heather.....a.k.a. 'HBH'
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I forgot to tell you Dreamy, my hands and arms have been doing the same thing.  I used to get the hand tingling at night before my Carpal Tunnel surgery on both hands, but now my arms AND my hands are doing the tingling thingy too...AGAIN.

Guess it's all part of the "hot broad" club.

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I'll happily join!!

Agree - from what I understand - hot flashes should not be as extensive as what you are experiencing. That's what I initially thought too - hot flashes - and I'm saying to my GP - no way - this is no FLASH. This is  my whole body all the time.
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