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Question about nerve meds

I am wondering if there is another med for nerve pain besides Lyrica and Neurontnin?  I have tried both.  I am taking 200mg of Lyrica 2x a day right now and I feel like I have a 9 volt battery stuck to my tongue.  
I have 8-10 other random hot needle spots right now among tingling and other typical annoying parasthesias.  
I did just finish a steriod treatment and have trouble coming down from it.  I hope some of this will subside, but I have been thinking about changing my nerve med for a couple months now.

I don't really want to take more Lyrica because of side effects, so is there an alternative, or do I just have to weigh the side effects vs relief and deal with this?

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I take Lyrica, 50 mg. twice a day and 100mg at bedtime.  I started taking Tegretol for Trigeminal Neuralgia, and now my neurologist has me taking it at a low dose three times a day for the nerve pain in my leg (from my waist to my foot).

The generic name for it is Carbamazepine.  My PCP thinks of it as a fairly benign medication with relatively few side effects, though you do need to have blood work done, since it's possible it can lower your white count.  I've taken it for quite a while, and my blood work is always fine, normal.  I've had a lot of blood drawn for a number of issues, and its always good.

You can take Tegretol with Lyrica; they seem to work well together.  I was actually taking Lyrica for Restless Leg Syndrome long before the nerve pain started messing with my world.

Just a little input, maybe it will help.  I hope you find something that does!

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I currently take Trileptal (oxcarazepine) for TN and leg pain in addition to nortriptyline. At the dose I am on there are few side effects. Higher doses of nortriptyline caused too much dry mouth as did amitripline.  Other drugs include Cymbalta.

I don't remember with certainty but I think there is a page on MS drugs and one on paraesthias.

Good luck as you try to find the right combination. The different trials of combinations are worth the effort in the end.

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Excellent thanks you.  It looks like Trileptal is just Tegretol w/o the blood cell issue, but with more insurance issues.  Go figure.
I thought I had heard Cymbalta mentioned once before.  I will talk to my neuro about both.

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Hi Sweetie, I don't know if anyone has thought about using Cymbalta for this type of nerve pain, but it might be worth a shot to talk to your doctor about it. I am using it now for pain close to the surface, but it might work for the deeper nerve pain too..

Where I am at Now I will do or try any thing to find some relief... Even eat weed brownies..and I am 25 years sober. No I don't know how to make them or where to find the weed... So it's just a thought.
Good Luck and know you are in my Prayers every day.
Here's your daily Hugs I hope that breeze blowing by helps you to remember to grab them and hold them close to your heart. {{{{{{{~!~))))))) DJ
PS: Any Good Recipes out there for a Very Special Brownie !!!!!
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