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I am back... I have been gone for like a month and a half and my symptoms have not subsided. My symptoms are still very weird and I have been off of Google and not really worrying about them and it still seems to not go away. I have had tightness and tingling in my left shin. Tightness and burning in left hand. Weird sensations on left side of face. And what is really weird is that when I wear long pants that tingling and tightness of the shin seems to disappear. I get other sensations on the right side of my body but they seem to disappear and go in and out. The left side has been consistent for a month or so now. I tried anxiety medication and it was making me feel weird and I didn't think it was really helping. I got an MRI about a month ago and it came.back with nothing. I had blood work done too and my vitamin d was slightly low but nothing crazy. Please someone help me. I am still concerned that this might be MS. I just feel alone and trapped. Talking about the future honestly makes me sick to my stomach because about four months ago it looked like nothing but rainbows and sunshine but now I'm scared that whatever is affecting me now will change how my future turns out. I'm only 19 and have a whole lot of future ahead of me.... :(
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I just feel like in a fog half the time. Also I know a man with ms and he is around 35 and it has completely ruined his life which scares me... Idk. I just keep hoping I'll wake up and my symptoms will be completely gone
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Would ms symptoms come on rapidly over a 5 month period?
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Hi Katie,

I'm sorry to hear you tried medication for your anxiety and you don't think it's helping, if it's not the right medication for you, it would be in your best interest to discuss all your mental health treatment options with your psychiatrist, so you can find what actually works best for you.

As previously mentioned: It's not so much the length of time you need to consider but more importantly the lack of association, what you've specifically mentioned are not typically the type of things that would ever be suggestive of a neurological condition like MS.....the only way i can work out how you could be wondering about MS, is to assume each issue you've specifically mentioned is more than what you've described and overlook MS basics to get it to fit into an MS symptom list.

Unfortunately googling symptoms doesn't differentiate one issue from something totally different and IF you are experiencing anxiety about your health, the last thing you should be doing is googling medical conditions, as googling will typically exacerbate anxiety which wouldn't be helping!

MS is 'not' the type of condition that causes many different types of symptoms to appear over a short period of time, MS symptoms don't change from one day to the next, don't rapidly multiply, don't spread, or move from one location to another etc. and if when you wear long pants that tingling and tightness of the shin seems to disappear, then that is more likely to do with the amount of attention your giving these sensations when your body is uncovered, than what happen's when abnormal sensory and spasticity is caused by MS.

It is in your best interest to seek medical attention, the issues you've mentioned experiencing wouldn't be suggestive of a neurological condition like MS, your doctor will help reassure you about MS......Please understand that once anxiety about your health is off and running, it will take some time, medication and or targeted cognitive behavioral therapy before things will get better.

If anxiety about your health is the medical condition you've been diagnosed with, then it genuinely will help you to learn about anxiety and learn what you can do to help control it, so please take to your doctor about all the mental health options that are available to you, and change your tomorrows!

I hope that helps......JJ
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