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Questions for those with a definite diagnosis of MS.

1.  If you have a migraine does it worsen or flare up your symptoms
2. For those of you that have a lesion in your cervical spine do you find that you can get upper back/shoulder pain that lasts minutes and then radiates down through your arm?  Causing weakness?  

I was given a diagnosis of Transverse Myelitis even with the absence of evidence on MRI. I was told that the lesions are there but the cord is difficult to image so therefore they can't be seen.  I do seem to wonder if everything I have ever experienced is migraine.  I have hyper reflexia and other abnormalities on examination.

I do get migraines that cause blind spots in my vision, nausea and pins and needles and may other symptoms. My MRI has always been normal other than prominant virchow robin spaces.  My neuro reckons there is a very suspicious area in my last MRI of my cervical which was taken 5 years ago but the report was normal but he has circled this area for further examination and ordered another MRI of brain and cervical.  I have had repeated MRIs over a long period of time with no evidence of a demylinating disease, my arm weakness has been quite profound and it happens suddenly and then comes right, almost like I am pinching a nerve, I have to breathe thru the pain in my back because its so bad and it travels from my shoulders down thru my arms.  Has anyone else experienced this, or could it be like a type of MS hug or lyhmettes.
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Hi there, I have frequent headaches but have only had 3 migraines. One was after my dx of RRMS.

I do get upper back/shoulder pain and finger numbness. One hand is noticeably weaker in the last 12 months. Still waiting for results of my cervical spine MRI so whether or not there is anything on that part of my spine is still unknown. I do find I have more of a tendency towards muscle tightness than pain though.

I do have hyper reflexes in my arms and legs and I notice more arm issues than leg issues but last neuro exam they said I had spasticity in all four limbs. My neuro ordered the cervical spine MRI based on that.

I am hoping to get my MRI results back today though and will let you know if anything shows up in the report.

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I have both situations with MS. I often have pain radiating down my arm. I go to a pain clinic because of it. When I get a migraine my left side goes numb.

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Hi Alex,
You probably remember me from before, I remember that you also had migraines.  My neurologist is quite definite that it's NOT MIGRAINE but I seem to often have a headache when many of my symptoms happen.  I would have thought that my arm would remain weak if there was an active leason there.  It stays weak and funny for ages but eventually comes right. When this happens I have no strength.  I have been under a considerable amount of stress lately but got a bad infection that seemed to trigger it all.  I have my MRI next week, so not too long to wait for results again.  My neuro reckons my lesion is most likely the cause of my migraines (but we can't see any lesion) lol..
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Sure I remember you. I get weak on my left side. My headaches have been better since I had all my female organs removes including ovaries. Infection and stress would do it. If I get a UTI my MS symptoms are worse. My main nerve damage is the one in the face. Every time I go to the Neurologist they get excited and whack me with the reflex  hammer on the chin. Whatever nerve that is is apparently one of my worst. They ask if I have ever had TN or Bell's Palsey, or ON because of that nerve.

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Opps I accidently ticked the best answer thing.. I am just grateful for a reply.  Alex I am so sorry that you are experiencing so much pain.  I guess what I was trying to work out was if your symptoms could be come go with MS but in really short bouts.  I know everyone's MS is different but I thought if I had a lesion and a flare up my weakness would remain all day or for days until the inflammation settled down but what I find is that I have profound weakness, then it goes away then it will return etc. this usually lasts a few weeks and finally settles down but it never stays all day, well rarely.  I think that my issues are migraine, although I don't just have one sided numbness. My neuro reckons some of my stuff is migraine but not all of it.  Apparently I do have a suspicious area that was found on my last MRI not sure if it was on previous ones (on my cervical) so I guess when I have my MRI next week we will see what has happened..  
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