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Quix... Ketosis question if you don't mind

So, as you know I am South Beach Dieting again.  All last week I was a big fat cheater...so, after slight weight gain this week I went full on SBD.  I am pretty much follwing the phase one (I snuck in a Danon Raspberry yogurt yesterday morning) .

So, in short, I am consuming some carbs (aobut 40-50 yesterday from milk, nuts, yogurt, salad dressing) and protein (from canadian bacon, eggs, turkey, nuts, etc.)  

Yesterday in my physiology lab we tested our urine (the tell-all strips) and my ketones were Large (darker than the 80, slightly lighter than 160)  In addition to that my pH was right between 4 and 5 (on the pH only strip).  I did not show any signs of glucose.  

I know ketoacidosis is found in diabetics.  I know ketosis is found in low-carb dieters.  So, should I be alarmed at the level of ketones along with the low pH?  I called my doc, but he just seems annoyed by me.  I read all I can find.  Can you help at all?  I am sure it is from the diet, but I was just alarmed because I had only been on the diet for a day and a half!

Thanks so much for your time,
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It is most likely due to the diet.  Your Ketones are high when you are burning fat.  So hopefully this is a good thing.  Maybe your carbs are too low, nuts have lots of protein, as milk does also.  Yogurt is good for you as long as it does not contain the high frutose corn syrup (most do now), Lite N Fit does not.  You are probably fine, but lets wait to see what Quix says.  
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Lite n fit is the only one we have in the house!  It is not as thick as the others, but the flavor is honestly better, lower in calories, lower in carbs, and my baby girl can eat it!  Yay!  (She has fructose intolerance...we don't have anything in the house with it!)

I did call my Dr...as annoyed as he was.  He said low acid is a sign that I am getting adequate protein (if not, I would be burning muscle tissue, eww, not good) and only to call if it dropped below a pH of 4.6.  He actually said, "keep up the good work."  It just freaked me out when my instructor was like, "Wow, I have never seen ketones this high before, I don't know what that means."  I mean, he's the professional right?  But, not a Dr...so, I am back to ....

South Beach Diet Rocks!!!!!
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I am an Atkins dieter and have followed the diet off and on for about 3 years now. Watching carbs just seems easier to me than having to count fat grams, calories, fiber intake and all the other stuff. Guess my brain just can't handle all that complication at once!!! I only wish I could get my ketone levels to 80 or higher in 2 days!!! It takes me about a week of staying below 20 carbs per day to get to a level of 40. But being a newbie to MS and it just being a possibility at this point, I have wondered if following such a strick diet of low carbs, high protien and fat is a good thing or if i might be depriving my body of other neutrients needed to overcome some of the symptoms I am experiencing. So can you tell me if you have noticed your syptoms improve when you are on the diet, or if they seem to get worse? Do you feel you have more energy when you follow the diet strictly or when you eat normally? I have been doing alot of research about the syptoms I am having and have read that a deficiancy in vitamin B12 can be very similar to MS. I have talked with my doctor about testing me for B12 and will be the next test we do. But I am extremely interested in following up with you and anyone else on this site about the effects of low carb dieting.
     Sounds to me like you are doing great!!! I agee with you instructor "KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK" and please keep me informed of your progress!!!
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Hi All,

I've done high protein and low carb in the past, to lose, or maintain weight.  What I did not know is that I was prone to kidney stones.  They (those rotten things) landed me in the ER, for a week, multiple lithotrypsy procedures, extractions, etc.

I really do believe that high protein, low carb does work.  Just watch those kidney calcium levels.  Your kidneys secrete calcium in response to certain foods and what they containt, salt, etc, so balance is key.  

It may never affect you in this way, but I thought it was worth a mention.  I'm not sure if I'm predisposed due to genetics, whether it was years of those sort of diets, or what, but I've been good for a couple years now, and just watch my calories instead, and protein consumption.

p.s. This virtual losers idea is very inspirational and it's an excellent way to do this together, thank you for sticking to it!  
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Thanks for your information...I was aware of the complications of Kidney stones as well as Gall Bladder. After just two weeks on Atkins my sister had to have her Gall Bladder removed, and the docs said it was due to the low carb, high protein intake. I guess I have been forturnant to not have any of these complications, but its always best to be informed that they can happen. I know from experience that the low carb diets do work, and work quickly, but you can also gain it back very quickly as well. My advise to anyone thinking about going low carb is RESEARCH...consider the complications and decide if they could be worth it. Heart problems is another complication to consider due to the high fat counts. Another is how very important your water consumption, daily vitamin and additional fiber can be. But overall, I still believe in low carb, high protien!!!!
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I am pretty sure I don't have MS.  My recent MRIs were clear and I don't have an appt with my neuro until the19th.  I have not felt anything different on this diet so far...I really only have done it for three days now (and lost 3 pounds so far!)  So, with that said, I feel amazing!  I definitely feel less energetic when crashing from carb intake (those candy bars are only good while in my mouth).

South Beach is not a high fat diet!!!  It is lower, healthy carbs, lots of veggies, and LEAN fat.  Low fat cheeses and lean meat.  No clogging of the arteries here, no way!!!  It really is a great read if you get the chance to thumb through the book.  It really breaks it down for you.  I felt better about low-carb diets than after reading Atkins.

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Hi, just a few words (very late) here about low carbing.  I followed and researched Atkins for a few years and lost about 50 pounds.  Ketosis is one of the NORMAL metabolic pathways of the body!  It is not related to diabetic ketoacidosis.  Ketosis is the body's way of tranforming fats into glucose and is the ONLY method used in the brain for producing glucose for the brain cells to use.  High levels during low carb eating are not of concern.  The low pH of the urine is also of little consequence.  A rare person con have problems with stones, but that is not the norm.

Gall Bladder disease is not a complication of low carbing, rather it is a consequence of following a low fat diet.  The sudden beginning of a strict low carb, higher fat diet may precipitate the gall bladder attack, but does not CAUSE the problem.  Here is why.  The gall bladder's function is to respond to fat in the meal and secrete bile which aids in breakdown and proper metabolism of the fats.  In a low fat diet the gall bladder is not stimulated to do it's job frequently enough and the bile just sits in the gall bladder.  Over time it forms a sludge and then gravel or stones.  Then if the person suddenly increases the fat in the diet, this sludgy, overfull GB contracts to discharge what should be liquid bile, but is now thick gook.  The bile duct blocks and the gall bladder attack ensues.  

Research linked GB dysfunction to the low fat diet more than twenty years ago.  So beginning the Atkins diet makes the dysfunctional gallbladder show up, but it likely would have shown up eventually anyway.  Also, Atkins properly done is not a high fat, but a higher fat diet.  Evolutionarily we developed eating an animal fat diet and some peoples in the world eat no carbs whatsoever during their lives after weaning from breast milk.  The only food group that you can live completely without is carbs.  Fats are essential.  It's all a matter of proportion.  SBD is a very healthy diet, as are several of the better low carb diets.  After 4 months on Atkins, my total cholesterol fell by one third and my triglycerides by two thirds.  My HDL rose well into the healthy range.

Just wanted to answer the gall bladder disease misconception.  The link is there, but the disease has to be present already for the higher fat diet to precipitate the attack.

I didn't write this to start a diet controversy, lol.  I realize that discussing diets is akin to making potitical or religious comments.  Quix
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