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Quix and all... help

Hi everyone,

Well I finally had the brain & cervical MRI on Mon. nite... got a call from my neuro Tuesday...
She told me the brain MRi was normal... that was great news... then she said the lumbar mri i took on thursday showed more degenerative anterolisthesis... increased area of signal void in the S1 disc space combatible with vacuum denerative phenomenon...

BUT... then the kicker...she told me i needed to go directly to the neurosurgeon at Long Island Jewish Hosp.... the cervical MRI was not good... in summary... " there have been progession in the degenerative changes at C4-5 &C5-6. There is now edema identified within the C5 vertebral body. The C5-6 herniation has gotten larger with significant compression of the cord and asymmetry to the left. There is also a annular tear at C5-6. The spinal cord does not demonstrate abnomral signal intsensity. There are no enhancing lesions arising from the spinal cord."

So... within 2 hours I was at the neurosurgeon... he wants to do surgery immediately... since i am on plavix... he wants to wait 1 week... i am in shock... he wants to do a Anterior cervical diskectomy & fusion of C4-C6. He said that this will only help in some of my symptoms... it may be some point i will need surgery in the lower lumbar area...

I cannot believe all of this... i thought i had MS.. which now my neuro feels it porbably is not... but Do you agree?? Having this surgery sounds like i have no choice..

I sure coud use some advice from all of you... and prayers.. i am very anxious, frightened... how did this all happen... my last mri showed degeneration but not this much... was it missed by the stand up low intensity mri or is my body degenerating so quickly...

Please I know you are all busy and dealing with your own issues but if you could spare some time, I would truly appreciate it.

God bless,

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I can't say anything intelligent about your MRIs or the need for surgery, but I wanted to let you know that I understand how frantic you are feeling. Please know that I and all the others here do care. Keep us posted on developments and hang in there.

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I am not the one for advice or info however just wanted u to know that I will definitely be thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers! Do take care and remember that there are ppl here really pulling for you!    Take care & God Bless!    
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Hang on to your faith Fran.  God will see you through this.  I will pray for you.  Amy
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At work, but with you.  What a shock!

Hang in there until Quix can answer.  I'm sorry you have to make such a hurried decision.

Gotta run!

Big hug,

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I'm sorry Frann.   I can't give you advise regarding your MRI either, but could you possible take your MRI results and get a second opinion?

Any time someone wants to "rush" into surgery, that kind of scares me a bit.  

If you're recent MRI was done on a different machine, that could explain why the latest results show more degeneration.

But, Quix would be the one who could answer that for you!

Hang in there and I am praying for you!
Take care!  Pat :)
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Like the others, I'm afraid I can add no enlightenment. But I sympathize with your very understandable distress and will hold you in my thoughts. I think Pat was right in suggesting you seek another opinion. All the very best wishes to you.
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Frann, My heart goes out to you!!  I know so little about the proper treatment of the spine when it gets all out of whack.  I do know that severe slippage and herniation in the cervical area causes damage within the cord called Cervical Spondolytic Myeolpathy and that this is one of the great mimics of MS.  Several of our members, including Moeck, have this problem.  Having this problem might answer all of your symptoms or just some.  It is entirely possible to have both CSM and MS.  But, this is why the whork up needs to be complete so that we all don't jump at the problem being MS and miss something else.

I say go get a 2nd opinion, but be prepared to need the surgery.  Anytime you see "significant  compression of the cord, you have to be prepared to move fairly fast to prevent further damage and hope that relieving the compression might also relieve some of the symptoms.  Whether you do or don't I CANNOT advise you, because I know so little about this field, except that it is never good to have anything pressing on the spinal cord.

Why the big change?  I suspect it is a little of both the things you mentioned, further herniation at C5-6 and better resolution.  However, the cord compression should have been see fairly well even at lower resolution, so the degree of change is probably structural.  It means that area is very unstable.  Be very careful about driving, sudden turning of the neck, sudden stops.  Try to avoid anything that could whiplash your neck, even mildly.  See if someone else can drive you for the next week.  My mom had the surgery they are proposing.  She flew through it beautifully except that she had waited far too many years too long (she had osteophyte pressure against the cord) and she permanently lost a lot of sensation in her legs.  (She is the one at 84 who walked away from the accident which totalled the car at freeway speed)

So you have two MS mimics, Hughes Syndrome (Sticky Blood) and Cervical Myelopathy.  Sheeesh, Girl!  Are you trying to make a point here?

I think you're going to be just fine, and that the surgery will help enormously.  My gut feeling (which is usually right, you know.  I have this unexplainable connection to people...lol)  The dexcription of the MRI really does sound like you need urgent surgery.

Tell us everything as it happens.  We'll get you through this.  We got you (and you got yourself) through the closed MRI, right?

Love ya, I think this is all going to be okay.  Quix
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Once again you have been the calm during the storm.

I appreciate your words of wisdom and encouragement. I too feel that this myelopathy and Hughes combined with whatever else is in the pot is causing this havoc. I am attempting to get an appt. with another neurosurgeon just to go over it all but as you can tell by the report it sounds like that i must go through with it.

I will keep you updated and let you know when how it went... in fact, my husband John said he will send you a note after surgery to fill you in.. bless his heart.

So, i guess the Lord wants me to practice what i preach... put my trust in HIM & believe that all things will work out for good... I am in HIS hands... I will continue to keep you all in prayer. That is the job He has given me... praying for all of you.. I cherish you all and your prayers too.
Thanks again

God bless,
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I am sorry I am so late to the discussion and help!!  WOW is right!! Your report sounds like your need some special attention!!  Well that makes sense, you are a special person!!  I have two friends/aquaintenances who have had this surgery also for slipped cervical discs and they both have come out of the surgery much better off than they went in.

I will be praying extra prayers for you until we hear again from John that everything went beautifully.  

God Bless you and let God do his job and know that he will take care of you!!
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I have no idea what you have been through, but if a doctor told me that I really didn't have MS just a compression that could be surgically repaired I would be so happy.  I hope you end up seeing this as an opportunity for a cure and significant improvement.  Having MS doesn't offer that.  You may not feel this way now, but this is a blessing.

The urgency is due to the possibility of imminent permanent paraylsis.  So don't delay.
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I just wanted to say my thoughts and prayers are with you and that god will guide you on the right choice, keep us posted and god bless

love samantha x
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I had to post...even though I was taking 'some time off," because I cannot let this post miss my attention.

Frann, sweetheart, I am no expert, assurding; but you do risk permanent paraylsis is you hurt yourself in the slightest way...considering what you have wirtten about your MRI.  I agree with Quix and Jon totally.

You have alot of compression in your spine.  You don't want any permanent damage to your spinal cord.  I think your doctor is acting appropriately by sending you to a neurosurgeon.  I do not think the Neruosurgeon would suggest immediate surgery, if he didn't feel it was warranted.  So for the next week, while the Plavix gets out of your system, take it easy, rest up and do not do ANYTHING to hurt yourself.  Even sneezing or coughing is risky.

I too, have faith and trust and believe what Quix says, I think and feel in my "gut" that this surgery will be of great benefit to you.  I feel good about this in my heart...I really do.

Please have your hubby keep in touch with the group.  I will be lurking around, waiting for a reply from you or your hubby.  In the meantime,  TAKE IT EASY.  I pray on bended knee for your speedy recovery and God's healing touch.

God Bless you sweetheart......Heather

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You sound so scared and my heart goes out to you. You are such a beautiful and sweet person, and I really hate you are feeling this way.  I agree with the second opinion, but you must, as Quix says, be extremely careful with yourself until you can move forward with the treatment/surgery you sound like you need.

I am praying for you, and as Heather, I believe everything will work out for the good.  Take extra special care of yourself and know we all love you and you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Love and (((((hugs)))))
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Hi Frann,

I've been away from the forum - oh, my, good thing they've found this problem!  I'm sorry it's so urgent, but I'm so glad to hear your Dr knew enough to get you to a neurosurgeon right away.

When findings identify problems to this extent, it's so important that they are addressed right away.  Of course you could always have a 2nd opinion, but it sounds to me that this is a critical time for you and your future.  

I know your strong faith will keep you well,  provide you the strength you need before and after the surgery, and I'll be thinking of you and sending healing thoughts your way, as you make your way toward recovery!

Many blessings for you Frann, and to the Surgeons who do this, and may your surgery be very successful,

Thinking of you,

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I cannot tell you how much it means to me to have all of you in my life.
How truly blessed I feel.

I got the call today that surgery is tentatively scheduled for thursday nov. 15th at 12 noon (e.s.t.)

I would mean so much to me if you keep me in prayer at that time... the more the merrier...
i believe that God doesn't mind being bombarded by lots of prayer requests... (OK...OK.. I HEAR YOU... I WILL TAKE CARE OF HER)... my interpretation of the Lord's response.. (ha, ha)

So, I am taking all of your advice... resting a bit.. getting things ready at home... bought some new pj's with buttons down the front... figured that would be easy... my friend is picking me up tomorrrow to get the nails and toes done.. so i will look pretty for the surgeon...ha ha

I wrote down some of my favorite scriptures and put them on a card with my grandchildren on it...
i am planning to take it with me into surgery... if they allow it... they did the last surgery i had...
i tucked it inside my gown...

I will keep in touch.. John promised he will let you know how it went after surgery... probably on friday...

Once again, thanks so much for all your support.

I will continue to keep you all in my prayers... as I close my eyes before surgery I will be thanking God for all of you too.

God bless,
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Just saw your post. Oh my goodness, what an ordeal you've been through these past few months! I do agree that the Lord is watching, reading all the prayer posts for you, and will most definitely keep a close watch over you in oyur surgery. you've been through more than enough already.

You will be in my prayers, especially next Thursday. Be well.

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Don't want to be redundant.. but I am with everyone here!   Good luck and my family and I will be praying!!  I know it must be very scary for you...
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God's speed to you. You will be in my prayers. I'm sure that this will be a blessing to you, but it's scary all the same. Stay strong!
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Many prayers for you!!  Take care!  Pat :)
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Be very careful this coming week. Don't pick up anything heavy! I had my disc removed and C4-5 fused this past June. The surgery wa marvelous, only in hospital one night, and that wasdue to a reaction to the injected morphine. I kept trying to vomit, and couldn't as I have had a nissan fundiplicatin due to GERD. You can do this! I was back to work in one month, driving 8 hours a day!  You will need help for the first couple of weeks, as you can't lift anything......even a gallon of milk. I couldn't even pour out of a 2 liter bottle of coke, too heavy. If you have any questeions, please feel free to ask me. My surgery was very successful, with immediate relief of a lot of my pain. Still have some numbness in left hand, but also have carpal tunnel. .I'm still waiting for those "golden years".I didn't know that meant for the doctors walletts......God Bless.....Maggie
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Just saw your post, My siste rhas had degernative disase of back and i cannot list lal of her symptoms or trouble s w spine and herniattion they removed one disc but then the surgery was not a succes. Shes only 40 and she had to go into a nursing home for 2 weeks, finally someone hlped her to ge toff pain meds and able to even walk wothout cane. IJust make sure you ge the best Neuro surgeoun. Very important. Prayers to you, and be careful . Kit
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I just saw your post and wanted to join my prayers to everyone else's for you.  like Quix said, I have CSM and it is the result of waiting too long to have the surgery (long story, won't bore you).  While you are waiting this week don't lift, don't drive, don't sneeze if you can help it.  That had been another mistake on my part, I worked full time up to and including the day before my surgery.
The procedure should ease at least some of your symptoms.  I have residual problems with my neck, bladder and right leg;  but I also have stenosis in my lower back as well.
It was only one night in the hospital, no complications.  The worst pain during recovery will be your upper back because they have put a bag of IV solution between your shoulder blades and push your shoulders down to open things up better in the spine-don't worry, they wait until you are asleep to do this.  My doctor warned me ahead of time and gave me a perscription for valium to releive the muscle pain there.  Give yourself plenty of reocvery time.  I expected eight weeks and it took me fourteen.  Another suggestion I heeded was to get a soft cervical collar at a drug store and where it when in the car (when someone else is driving, in my state it is illeagle to drive with a cervical collar on) in case of a fender bender while waiting for next week.  They also allowed me to where it while in the hospital after the surgery rather than the one they gave me as mine had already been broken in to fit my neck.
Don't worry about the hard collar, you'll only need that when out walking the first week or so and while in the car.  They let you wear a soft one when lying around the house.
Feel free to ask any questions you want so you'll know what to expect
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My prayers will also be with you through this difficult time. Follow all the wonderful advice given on here as well.

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