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Quix and others.

Hi All

Well i saw my neuro again and he said its not neuro based for sure, he said i have bugling disks and a slightly narrowing of the spinal canal and thats one of the reasons he wants me to see a rheumy he also feels i have fibromyalgia, so i have to wait to seea rheumy, he did offer me injections into the spine for relief but i refused as the thoght of that did not sound nice.

I'm Glad its not MS but i know fibro is crippling but at least i can put a name to it, and the bulging disk at L4and L5 explains the numbness and leg sx, and i guess fibro explains the rest.

Well i'd love to still pop in now and agin to check on you guys ( which prob nowing me once a day LOL )

Love U All

Sam x
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You sound like me!!!  My neuro called today to tell me the same thing.  He said I have a couple of bulging disk in my neck and a few degenerative changes, but other than that he didn't think there were any neuro issues.  I have already been to a Rheumatologist, and got nowhere with that either.  He told me that it looked like osteoarthritis in my lower back, and that I may have fibromyalgia, but after my blood work came back he never said anything else about either of those.  He said my Vitamin D was extremely low and put me on a Vitamin D regiment and told me to follow up with my primary care Dr.  Problem is, I can't seem to find a doctor who knows anything about Vitamin D deficiency.  

It is so very frustrating not knowing what is wrong with you and having people think that it is all made up or that you are depressed.  My pain is real, and I can't find anybody to help me!!!
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Hey there!!!

I am so glad to hear that you don't have MS!! I have only just gotten my results back too, and I also do not have MS! My brain MRI (without contrast) was clear and I am really starting to get better again! I am so thankful... we have finished school for the year now and I am on holidays til Jan 22nd. I hope that this is enough time to get myself not only healthy but fit again. I finally feel ready to lose that weight, and may just have to join the group of gals on here to help me do it!

I went to my CFS specialist on Wed and he wrote on the top of my page that I have Fibromyalgia... he might have wanted to tell me that - I mean, I knew that it was a symptom of the CFS but I didn't think I had been properly diagnosed with it. So we are together on that one :-) That would explain those freaky episodes of my muscles and the walking difficulties. Oh, and I haven't needed the wheelchair for AGES now! Not even my stick! How are
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My kitten just pressed the Post Comment button hehehe

The rest of my sentence was... you feeling now? Apart from finding out about the things above?

Mel :-)
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Just because you have not been diagnosed with MS, doesn't mean you better leave us.  What in the world would we do with you?

While i am glad that neither one of you have MS, as it stands today, Fibro is nothing to sneeze at.  I unforuntately have a diagnosis of both.  But I deal with it.

I pray that both of you now get the treatment you will need for the Fibro.  I know that the weather affects me, such as the change in seasons and I have so many "trigger" points, I have forgotten to count.

Gosh you all, I don't know whether to be happy or sad at your news.  I certainly didn't want you to have MS but didn't want you to have Fibro either.  Are you happy that you finally have some answers?  And what treatment have your doctors suggested?

Merry Christmas to you both and you BETTER keep coming here and chatting with us.....PLEASE?

My love to you both and good wishes, Heather
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I'm so thankful that all of you don't have MS but I'm so sorry you do have fibro.  It really can be a horrible disease.  I have a couple of close friends with it and they do suffer a lot but with treatment are still able to hold down full time jobs.

I do hope you all will be back to chat and keep us informed of how you are doing and what kind of treatments you are on.

I'll be praying,
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Geesh, I just got back on after a couple of days, and they're dropping off like flies. . .  

I'm so glad you don't have MS, but I 2nd Heath, and Granny, I'm sorry about the fibro.  I sure hope there is something for relief with that.  I don't know a lot about Fibro, except from the members here on our board, very, very painful, and not a whole lot to help.    

Stay on with us, let you know how you cope.  

I really don't think we've come up with an official way out of this club! So, by mere unwritten SOP's, your still in!

All the best to you,
Be well,
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