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Rain/Menstrual Period and MS

Does rain and your menstrual cause your sxs to be worse???

I havent been dxs with MS yet, but the neuro believes this is what I have. I know over the last 10 yrs my menstrual cycle seems to make it harder on me to think, causes balance issues, and the tingling in my legs and arms to be 10 times worse. I also know that over the yrs the rain has caused me to have trouble concentrating and serve headaches along with some balance or dizziness issues. Luckily for me it never has hit that both happened at the same time.

Recently though I would say 3 days ago, the rain begin to head our way, and I was showing signs of starting. The sxs that I normally have seem 3 times worse. My concentration is effected to the point where I am shocked I am able to do my job. My leg tingles nonstop and just irritates me so much, and my husband has to watch me when I first get up because I am so dizzy. I have learned to fight through my sxs since I have never been dxs...but I was wondering is it NORMAL for Rain and a female's menstrual cycle to cause the MS sxs to be worse?

Also, My foot has recently started to cramp up to the point where it hurts to move it and doesn't want to move. I have to press on it continually until I gain movement again. Is this another sx associated with MS...Please any answers would be great
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MS is a neurological disorder so I do not know for sure. Some have said barametric changes effect them. Periods the same. Not everything is MS. I for example have tendinitis in my foot.
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Hi and welcome to our little MS community,

If it does turn out to be MS, then what you are experiencing could be related to pseudo relapses, as far as i understand it, menstruation increases your core temperature, so it's possible for an MSer to experience the temporary return or worsening of symptoms around their cycle. see information below:

"Menstrual periods
Women with MS say that their symptoms often feel worse around their periods, especially weakness, balance, fatigue and depression.
Just before, and during a period, the core body temperature rises a little and this can sometimes make MS symptoms feel worse.

Some medications used to treat MS can have an effect on the menstrual cycle. Some antidepressants, Mitoxantrone, and beta interferon can also cause problems such as irregular periods or 'spotting' in between periods.
However, these side effects often improve on their own after several months of taking the treatment. Glatiramer acetate has no known effects on menstruation.

If dealing with periods becomes problematic, you might think about minimising periods or even stopping them altogether. There are various ways of doing this, such as using certain types of contraceptive pill or hormone-based intrauterine devices (sometimes known as 'coils')."

In regards to 'rain', I'm totally unaware of 'rain' specifically having any effect on an MSer, the only weather association i know about is in regards to the pseudo effect of the warmer seasons ie Uhthoff (heat intolerance). It's possible your being effected by the increased humidity when it rains but other than that I'm at a loss to come up with a reasonable explanation for why just the 'rain' could be an issue for someone with MS.

It's possible your foot cramping is related to MS because your paresthesia is in your lower limbs, if it is from MS then you could be dealing with some levels of spasticity and or muscle spasms. This might help explain the issue best...

Hope that helps........JJ
Thanks for your responses. The rain really doesnt always effect me. I have been told the change in pressure could be what is causing the issues. I called my Neuro and explained that the sxs have seemed worse over the last few days. He has decided that I need to come in for a chkup right away.

I really hope that they can figure out what is going on with me. While I can handle my sxs after 10 yrs I am just ready to find out what is wrong and know what the cause of all my sxs are.

I know right around my time of the month my left leg always seems to act up. It usually just feels asleep but lately my foot has been cramping up. I had an MRI at the beginning of all this and they found one spot on my brain that the neuro said could be the cause behind my leg. However I just started having insurance and at the time my neuro was only able to do so much to get a dxs for me.

Insurance is kind of a joke though...since I cant afford the co-payments. I only can help I can work out something and get a dxs or help to ease some of these issues.

CAN SOMEONE TELL ME What I can do to help my concentration and memory as well? I have noticed that right around when I start getting dizzy spells and my leg acts up...it is hard to concentrate and my short term memory is horrible. I have to write things down, and find myself repeating things I have said because I dont remember saying them.
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