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Rapid onset Dizziness since this morning and still recurring

I felt great yesterday. I am typically very active and race cars, motorcycles, boats on occasion. I just finished 2 very stressful days of work. I also bowl and this morning I woke up and kept falling over. I was extremely dizzy. I did have motocross accident last month where I landed firmly on the left front side of my head...yes, I was wearing a helmet and a list of other safety gear. I recovered well so I'm not sure if it is related. I had an MRI done and the doc said I was fine. Before today, other than persistent neck and shoulder pain from multiple injuries thru the years, I feel fine. The dizziness subsided long enough for me to drive the 2 miles to work then it started again albeit not as strong. However, it's now 2:15pm and it's back with a vengeance. I've fallen a few times in the last half hour. I'm now laying in bed. I live on a small island and don't really trust the level of doctoring here so I'm looking to gather info before going back. What's my next step?
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Hi Mike,

I guess the first thing I would recommend would be to get some otc meclizine.  Vertigo on its own, though it's not any fun, is considered a benign condition.  I can be a problem with your middle ear.  If this is simple vertigo, your body will adjust to it.  The meclizine is for any nausea.  

I truly hope this is just vertigo, and not related to MS or any other disease.  I would look into possible damage to your cervical vertebra as well.  Sometimes nerve impingement shows up a while after an accident.   If this is due to an underlying neurological condition, the doctors will find it in time.  To me, it really does sound like either simple vertigo, or trouble with your cervical vertebra from the accident.

Best of luck to you.  

Let us know what happens, okay?
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Mike -

Are your ears bugging you at all?   Did you call your doctor?   There are so many possible things this could be, but one thing I would want my doctor to pursue is inner ear damage from the accident.

Ever have yourself checked for iron issues?  I had a friend who had a similar onset of vertigo and such, turned out she had a really rare iron disorder which literally just showed up one day...  but like you, she also had an incident before the onset, she was my daughter's first horse trainer and she had taken a nasty fall working with a horse.  

Good luck and let us know what your doctor says and how you are doing!

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My ears are fine other than some hearing loss due to a previous job. I'm on my 3rd day of dizziness. I saw a neurologist yesterday and will go back again today.  Yesterday, they took blood and will have the results today before I receive an MRI. I'm kind of leaning towards damage to my cervical vertebra because of the pain and the sliver of bone still floating in there from a sports accident 17 years ago. I'm not much of a drug taker and so I'll hold off on the meclizine for now, but thank you, I'll know what to ask for when I get tired of the nausea. I'll update after the docs results come back.
Thank you for you help and advice,
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The neurologist and the ear doc both gave me an exceptionally clean bill of brain and body health and said it may be stress related so since the dizziness seems to be dissapating, I'm off to relax for a week or so. My neck still hurts so I need to give it a break from motocross anyway. If after that time, I'm still not feeling 100% I'll see another doc. Thank you for all your advice. It's nice to know I have someone to turn to. It's like having friends going thru similar situations that can give real advice.

Thank you again,
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You're welcome.  I hope it works out.  

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