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Rash ??

Does anyone develop a skin rash either just prior to worsening symptoms or during ?  
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I don't know of that with MS, but, from what I understand, that is a symptom for Lupus.  Have you been checked for Lupus?

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I developed hives for the first time in my life, back in November, about 2 months after the start of my last relapse.  The hives appeared a few weeks after Solu-Medrol treatment; my dr did not think it was associated with the drug.  I had hives on my forhead, hips, inner thighs, shins and toes, almost entirely symmetrical, like a mirror image on both sides of my body.  Treated with oral and topical Benadryl, went away after several days.

This was my only major MS attack thus far, so it will be interesting to see whether hives will accompany the next one.

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Lupus was ruled out years ago - after a stroke 3 years ago MRI showed lesions as well - Ist neuro thought MS however 2nd said not because they weren't in typical MS locations though from everything I have read my symptoms seem to point to MS with the exception of the rash.
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Have you been tested for antiphospholipid syndrome?  It has a vascular type rash called livedo reticularis and can mimic MS symptoms as well as cause strokes.
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I'd have to check with my doc to see if it was one of the many things discounted though looking at the rash pictures I doubt it - also from what I've read so far it doesn't seem to cause lesions in the brain.

My rash usually alway starts in the neck with raised bumps that continue down my spine and then eventually spreads outward covering the rest of my torso.   From there my neck bumps morph into welts that eventually just smooth out though stay red.  My face doesn't get bumps but instead is very flushed. Some on my arms, not usually in legs (though groin area on occasion) and as it diappears it gets very itchy.  

I have noticed for awhile now that if I look at my neck in the right light it seems as if it's just sitting under the skin surface.  
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This will probably seem like an obvious question, but have you seen a dermatologist?
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Ok, I'm joining in the rash group.  

This is my 3rd day with the itchy spots.  Came on slow, so I chalked it up to dry skin. But, it's not gotten any better.  I found f I itch them, they welt up. And, if I don't the spots are red, and get a small white type lump.

It's crazy, but I wasn't going to post it, I figured I'd just look up hives, and then read about allergic reaction and the body and the production of histimine, which is why it welts up., etc.

What I'd like to know is  - is this is something that is associated w/the MS?

Tanith? Did the Neuro provide any insight?  

be well,
itchy - sllowe
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oops, sorry, Tanith - looks like DoubleV - you are the one that this comes on prior to attacks? What's up w/this?

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Neuro's been told - GP though has seen - did take pics though when it last happened few weeks ago.    Have been experiencing these episodes for over 20 years along with other transient symptoms until everything seemed to take root 3 years ago.  Always thought it was brought on by severe allergic reaction  (have those too) however after I broke my arm in '98 it happened again.  The other thing I forgot to mention is that I quite often I have the histamine taste as well  (I once took a histamone product during an allergic reaction & got 10X worse-can't abide that taste either-always brushing my teeth.)    My first thought was this was a sign of the disease acting up however maybe it's my body's ineffective way of fighting it when it does act up.
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