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Reading all medical reports...

I am wondering if there is a 'checklist' for tests, reports, etc related to getting a diagnosis of MS or in ruling out MS anywhere on this forum?  

I am trying to read through my medical records and make notes for questions to ask/pursue with next appointment and find I continually get lost, forget what I saw where.  As I read thru the questions/answers of others here, I find info that I want to pursue in my own records.

Am I just being a a whiner hoping someone else has already made such a spread sheet check list?
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Hello,     here's a link to our health pages.

FYI,  there isn't  just  one test to  rule MS or out,  they exclude other illness .

Hope this helps you,


take care
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Thanks, will take a look. Yes I know that no one thing rules in or out....but tried of getting so confused with medical reports...what they did, what they found, what it means. Thank you!
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Sorry i dont think your going to find a check list like your wanting but have you looked at the Mcdonald Criteria?


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yes, I looked at these links. And,no I do not see what i picture in my head as being helpful for me to 'organize' my medical history info. will keep looking, or maybe figure out how to put what is in my mind here. :-)
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This Health Page has a list of blood tests that are often ordered.

Asking the first question about MS can soon turn into something that feels like you've opened Pandora's Box.  There are so many variables with MS that it truly can be an overwhelming task.

Are you looking for testing info only or symptoms as well?  There is an MS Tracker on MedHelp that could help some with monitoring symptoms.  The last I looked at it there wasn't much about labs on there.

If you are finding interesting tidbits to investigate along the way your best bet might be to bookmark those discussions on your computer's favorite list.  You could also copy and paste the URL address into Word (or whatever composition program your computer has) along with a very brief reminder of the subject it addresses.  Otherwise - you probably have to have paper and pencil handy to take notes or write down topic "titles" to search for at a later time.

We might be able to offer more help if you can include more details of what you are trying to do.  Just keep in mind that the info you collect is to help you get a clear idea of your personal health history.  Seldom would you want to present everything you gather to a doctor!  You'll need to gather and then condense.  Sounds like soup!  I must be hungry.....

I feel for you as the place you are navigating on this journey is extremely time consuming.  Prepare for family/friends (maybe even doctors) to proclaim you are obsessed with "being sick".  They can't understand.  That's just how it is.  But we do so don't hesitate to ask your questions.
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ah if it were so easy as to have a spread sheet check list, neurologist would love you!  

There are many suggestions as you have read but no absolutely down the list checklist.  Not all neurologists follow the same pattern or the same number of tests.  It may often depend on how hard it is to find the problem.

As you are undoubtedly learning, MS is a very individual disease and different for each of us and probably just as puzzling for your doctors depending on your symptoms, since over 20 other diseases mimic MS.

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Thanks for your thoughts and ideas! They are helpful.

I find myself reading what someone else says their MRI report stated, or a lab result and then wonder, did mine refer to anything like that? and start down the rabbit hole again. If I was better with computer use....I am sure that there is a way to keep better track than I do now (rely too much on "what was that website called?"). My husband has helped me set up shortcuts numerous time....But I keep forgetting how to use and where they are. Much like the things in my house that I am certain are in a 'safe place.'

I know that I read a comment on LP, stating the point was O bands in the CSF that were not present in the serum. I recall having blood taken at the time of the LP, but do not recall any mention of the blood work on the report.

Do recall being surprised as I hadnt expected a blood draw (seemed like everything possible had already been done with a blood test) and upon asking being  told that maybe my Dr had a special request for test. Seems that she should have said it was standard. Sigh.

Oh well, I will keep digging thru my reports, maybe find a way to compile a sort of checklist so I dont have to keep starting over looking at everything to find the answer I am looking for.

Maybe I will design a check list. :-) Yes, this would be for my personal use only, quick answer reference, not for taking to any Dr.

thanks again!
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