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Recent Mayo Clinic visit...still no answers/diagnosis

I have had a plethora of neurological symptoms for years now, with a detailed, quite lengthy timeline. My earliest symptom was vision loss with left eye pain in 2000. In 2003 I was diagnosed with papillitis. In 2004, I had left foot drop. The last 2 years my symptoms have been varied in intensity and duration which include numbness, tingling, weakness, stuttering, slurring, cognitive deficits, movement disorder, muscle cramps, stiffness, inappropriate muscle fatigue, imbalance, and repeated falls (currently in PT for core strength/stability). I have seen 3 neurologists since 2015- the most recent being one at Mayo Clinic. All of them have diagnosed ataxia, occasional stuttering, occasionally absent reflexes, weakness, and at every visit I have had bilateral Babinski. I had a brain MRI in 2015 with two "non-specific" lesions and cannot have an spinal MRI due to my pacemaker. My EMG's show bilaterally absent H-Reflexes, normal nerve conduction studies and a normal SEP. My right visual evoked potential was read as "not well defined" which I don't understand the meaning of. My doctor highly suspects spinal MS, and every specialist I have seen is perplexed with my neurological symptoms and just labels me as a "complicated case". I am a 41 yr old female who is done trying to figure out what's wrong and don't plan on seeing anymore specialists. Getting a name to whatever ails me isn't going to fix my problem, and I'm in more medical debt than I care to be in. I am just thankful I have the support of my internist who helps me symptom relief which right now includes gabapentin and 80mg of Baclofen a day.

I give you all of this for a little bit of history, but my main question is from my most recent VEP done at Mayo Clinic which was read as "right eye not well defined".
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As one who was also complicated ... I'm sorry you're traveling this road.

That seems like an odd comment with respect to your VEPs.  Normally they give measurements.  I suggest you call the office of the specialist who requested them and ask for the actual results.

Neurological diagnoses can take a long time, as you've experienced.  I hope you can eventually find some answers, RE.
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