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Red,hot hands

Anyone ever get red, hot hands (and sometimes feet) intermittently? I have lupus, too, but this is a new symptom for me. My right index finger is actually quite warm and red as I type this. My hand will get noticably red and warm, for no reason.
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My feet get hot, or feel like they're hot. It can be very cool in a room but my feet feel hot and I will have to take off my shoes and socks. I also need to have my feet free from sheets, blankets etc. when I sleep, because they feel overly warm.

Do you have any pain in your hands when they're hot? I have neuropathic pain in my feet that seems to be exacerbated by heat.

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They feel tight and strange....my feet are the same as yours--I cannot stand to have them get warm. My hands and feet get so red, it looks cartoonish, as if someone shaded those parts of my body with colored pencils.
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I am updating: this is now happening on my nose, the outside of my ears, and still on my hands. I looked it up, and a disorder called erythomyelgia came up. Apparently it is associated with m.s
I see my neuro on the 29th, and I plan bringing it up. Apparently that disease is quite rare, but not in the m.s population.
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One of my symptoms is burning feet. That is how they feel internally but not externally. I have to soak mine in cold water that helps. I also have to find cool areas on the sheet at night they get so hot and uncomfortable. I too get hot hands but not as bad as my feet. Let us know if you find anything out that could help. When I was younger I used to have poor circulation especially to the feet. I was so embarassed about the red colour.
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This is called 5-palm heat in Chinese medicine.  See an acupuncturist; they can help!  I had hot hands and feet for 10 years before I started learning chinese medicine and learned it is a common symptom.  It's called deficiency in Chinese medicine terms.  The acupuncturist can work with you to balance your body which will stop the yin deficient heat.
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