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Relapse Frustration Rant (Share your own experience!)

Hey there :)

For all of you who have RRMS, you can connect with me here. I have been completely fine for almost three weeks now. It's been great! I've gotten caught up on everything, living my life. And then suddenly ... BAM. knock knock! who's there? It's ... MS SYMPTOMS! We just can't escape it, can we?

And it's strange ... we all plan tests and appointments in advance, and sometimes I wonder why I'm doing them. I feel fine! Then the next week, I remember why I had the appt. It's like we all were pushed onto a roller-coaster NONE OF US wanted to ride. We start going up the hill ... enjoying the peaceful moment and yet waiting for it to go downhill.Then we go downhill, screaming our faces off ... but then its over fast, and all we feel is a little winded. BUT. then come the loopty-loops. And sometimes, the car will break down and we'll get stuck upside down for a long time. But then it starts up again. That's what MS is, really. One giant, never ending, roller-coaster.

At least, thats my experience. Feel free to put your own analogies and experiences below. Sharing in this community is important! :)
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>We just can't escape it, can we?

i'm out of patience tonight, sorry, i'll be back. i need to regroup before i loos too much patience
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I feel I'm one of the ones hanging upside down waiting for the engineer to come and do something to make my car go again!

The only thing I plan in advance with any confidence at the moment is my hospital appointments - I don't know if I'll be walking in 4 weeks time never mind 4 months, then when I am well I convince myself this is all a mistake

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I'm so sorry to hear the "engineer" hasn't been around yet! I'll be sending good thoughts your way. And I've done the same thing!  "Oh, it was just a phase. I don't need to be worried any more." I tell myself that a lot! I hope your roller coaster will start up again soon!
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I don't know if I DO have RRMS (jury is still out) but from your description it sounds like it. I had SIX WEEKS! of "normal"!!!!! wacko, I thought, time to look for a job (haven't been able to for 18 months). Spent a nice day in my new house planting new plants and stuff, then WHAM the next day. That was 6 weeks ago and it's STILL going. I've had about 5-6 'good" days in that time, and right when I think, oh good, that's over with, I wake up the next day and wacko, it's all back again. I hate this HATE HATE HATE ARGH. pass the kleenex.

How can you go from healthy active productive person, capable of renovating houses, competing in show jumping/cross country on horses, parenting 4 kids, doing farm work etc etc etc to a person who finds getting off the sofa a massive effort, let alone contemplating doing the grocery shopping.

Talk about depressing. And I feel so alone - just me and a 13yo son in the house. We have no lifebecause of this. I  hate it.

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Jemm, you're not alone - everyone on here understands what you're going through.

It's awful for someone so active to have to drastically alter your life and it's overwhelming

I couldn't walk for nearly 10 weeks last year and couldn't go to work, couldn't do any stuff with my family - this forum was my lifeline, the people on here have helped me get things in perspective, answered all my questions and generally picked me up when I've been down,

please look after yourself and your son

Val x

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