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Relief for MS Hug

I am currently experiencing either the MS hug or spasticity.  Is there a medication that can provide quick relief? Any suggestions?
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I went to a pain clinic. The Neurologist tried Baclofen for muscle spasms and a bunch of medications for nerve pain such as Neurotin. I ended up drugged out of my gourd and still having spasms. The pain clinic over a year cut me back to a few medications. There are many medications which help but everyone responds differently to them. We had to try many different combinations until we got one to work.

I take Zanaflex for muscle spasms for MS, Baclofen just did not work for me at all. I get diaphragm spasm which turned out to be something besides MS. Not everything is MS and my doctors missed a serious medical problem because they made the mistake of blaming everything I had wrong on MS. They give me liquid valium for the diaphragm spasms. It is like you knock the wind out of me for several hours when I have a spasm. My Service Dog knows when I am going to have one. She refuses to leave the house and paces around me. I know when she does this to stay home and take my medication, I can't drive when I have these spasms.

I thought my Neurologist was pawning me off on the pain clinic but it was the best referral he ever made. I love my pain clinic. I see the PA once a month and they really care. All my other doctors treat just the disease. The pain clinic looks at the whole me and treats my symptoms. They want me to be as comfortable as possible. They even realize pain makes you anxious and depressed and that is normal.


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it doesn't always work for me, but sometimes if I turn on my side, sometimes one or the other, I can partially relax and it will ease off but not totally go away.  

I sometimes double my baclofen, it works for me, and/or add lidoderm patches.  the same doesn't work every time, I have to play with my options!  I've employed dark rooms, soft music, fluffy pillows, etc.

this probably doesn't sound like much help but I am tempted to ask for zanoflex next trip instead of upping my baclofen/neurontin.  

my shortest one was 3 hrs, my longest 4 days.......
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