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Rena , is that you on the cover of my new mag?

The latest MS Perspectives came in today's mail and there is a gorgeous man and woman dressed in fly fishing gear on the fron cover -isn't that Rena's obsession?  LOL

This mag is printed by Teva Neuroscience, the maker of Copaxone, and is always interesting to read cover to cover.  This issue has a look at the next wave of MS drugs coming - mainly the oral ones.  An explanation of how clinial trials work.  

And a great article on how far MS therapy has come and where it is heading- it even includes a timeline.  Did you know the first known MS patient  was Sister Lidwina in 1421?  Now you know!!

You can access the mag online at www.MSperspectives.com .

I hope you will find this informative.
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Maybe soon the MRI's will be able to capture the activity in both the gray and white matter, as they talk about in the article on MS Therapy.  

Did you catch that the first Ms patient is a Saint? Having MS has to have some sort of reward, doesn't it? LOL

The back issues of this magazine are also online and well worth the reading.  

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Thanks for the info about that MS magazine - I wasn't aware of it, but will surely sign up for it.  We need all the info and support we can get!

I didn't know that MS dated that far back - to 1421!!  

Despite the sentiment today that MRIs have made it easier to diagnose MS, for many of us who are quite symptomatic, but with lesions not showing up, MRIs have actually blocked an MS diagnosis.  I would have preferred having MS in the pre-MRI period when physicians had to rely on listening to patients and evaluating their symptomatology to diagnose MS.

Maybe as MRI magnet strength increases, MRIs will actually help facilitate diagnosing all MS patients.

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funny but you were the first thing I thought of when I pulled this out of the envelope.........  

BTW - anyone can subscribe to this magazine - you don't have to have MS or be on Copaxone to get it.  Teva makes enough money off their drugs to send us all free magazines.   You'll have to check if it is available to you northern neighbors.

AND the feminist in me immediately recognized that the man had the serious gear and she is mainly there as a prop and not a serious fishing companion, unlike you who know how to snag a trout.  :-)

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he he he...yeah it is my obsession but if that were my I would be wearing chest waders, wading boots, a fly vest and a much better looking fishing hat than the one she is wearing! hehe

This is a very interesting magazine and I will be making it regular reading material myself!  Thanks Lulu and I owe you a big juicy trout!

Lots of Hugs,
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