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Romantic walk on the wild side, um no try the wonkie side lol

I thought you might enjoy our walk :-)

So picture sitting at a candle lit table for 2, the view is all beautiful beach. Sail boats gently traveling across the water, sunset of rich oranges and pinks. An unexpected surprise delight of a pod of dolphins only meters from where you sit, Que music lol romance dripping like a soppie movie sketch, great food, but even better company. A romantic walk along the fore shore is a must after such a perfectly delectible romantic dinner, no one could resist!

Walking hand in hand, two lovers each enjoying the romance and loath to head back to the real world, blissfully enjoying the fantacy. I take my little heels off because my energy is starting to slip after leaving the airconditioned reasturaunt, the wobbles have started and heels, even little ones are just too high to navigate. So we're again walking hand in hand, heels swinging, very happy and content, balance going, legs starting to go into puppet walking but the night is wonderfully perfect.

Que reality lol whoops my brain fried out on me, i'm freez frame stuck, standing there like a surfer balancing on the waves, arms flapping, knees bending because my brain is no longer able to work out where I am in space and gravity is calling, fast. I know whats happening, so does hubby but i'm looking at the walkway and it looks flat and firm to me so why am I surfing? hmmmm some bright spark in the planning department, had a small section of the walkway paved in a slopping to the middle V shape. In the semi dark, I couldn't see the slopping part at all, it totally looked flat to my eyes but within only 2-3 steps, my brain fizzled, shutting down my mobility system lol

So now I look like a really well dressed drunk, too off my face to get another step out, DH holding me up on my feet as we work out what to do to get me moving again. DH is grinning like a cheshire cat, thinking of whipping me up into his arms, like a romantic hero of yester year lol i'm thinking of my knickers flashing and so hoping he doesn't. After a bit of dragging a foot sideways and lots of wobbling as he's supporting my weight and i'm on the sand, so now we're giggling because i've totally become a puppet.

Left leg only managing half steps as it bounces up and down, its now so darn heavy, lol the right one is doing over exadurated high steps, pulling up from the thigh to get the foot high enough so i dont trip. All the while my joints are not holding solid so they're popping out like i'm held together with rubber bands, bugger my legs have gone again so thats the end of the romantic walk along the beach for us.

As i'm hauling my load into the car, he's busy enjoying my unintended display of legs and lace. I'm sorry, doesn't leave my lips as I catch the telling twinkle in his eye, it changes nothing for how he feels about me, it's just the way it is. Dont get me wrong, it could of easily screwed up the moment but it didn't because we laughed and delt with it, one wonky puppet step at a time. It was a wonderful night, and i'm paying for it but I simply wouldn't change any thing, my legs or lack thereof can only negativily change how I (we) navigate through, if I (we) let it get in our way!

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Oh the agony and the ecstasy of MS eh?

The great thing is that you both have each other and dh is so wonderfully supportive.

I loved the beautiful, descriptive language. It made the piece come to life.

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That was so nice to read...   It's everything when u have support.

   Take care..
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Love your story telling (and the story). Thanks for sharing. :)

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Whoa, JJ - way to get out there and LIVE!!  Sounds like your DH is a great guy.  Yeah, we sometimes "pay" for the fun, and sometimes it's even worth it, LOL!

Love the story!  How hot was the beach?
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Glad you liked our walk :-)

It was our 20th wedding annaversary so we were going to love the night out anyway lol it was more than either of us expected. Its very nice to know that we still click the way we do, lol he's still smiling, me thinks he's a closset romantic at heart. SWEET!

The temp had dropped from low 90's to mid 80's by the time we were on our walk, so even the temp got with the romantic program.

I was going to get him a set of dog tags, one saying 'puppet master' and the other saying '20 years of service' but at $8.90 per letter, the joke gift wasn't that funny. lol he is a great guy, its only taken 20yrs to train him though. :-)

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