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Is seeing things associated with MS?  I wake up many nights snatching at spiders and bugs in the air above me - these are very real until I look into my hand and don't see a squashed bug.  I have recently been diagnosed with MS.  Any help appreciated.  Thanks
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Hey there welcome to the forums.

Visual hallucinations are not common with MS or at least in the literature I've read.  I would speak to your doctor in regard to this symptom.  As you are aware, you're not catching any bugs after you open your hand, therefore, this is considered a hallucination.

This is something I would encourage you to let your doctor know.

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Well, it might not be common but often I will see black spots and think it is a tiny bugs hanging on my  hair or eye brow.  I, too, will gently try to grab the little critter over and over until I realize it isn't a bug but those tiny black spots. (I, too, have MS)

I have no idea if it is related to MS or just old age for me.  I just can assure you that there is at least one other person that does in fact see bugs that ain't there.

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Many thanks for your reply Lisa.  I'm seeing the specialist in 2 weeks - he's put me on Prednisolone for a while to see how they help.  Will talk to him about these symptoms, let you know and put his answer up on the site.

Happy hallucinations till then

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Many thanks for your reply Sumana.  I'm seeing the specialist in 2 weeks - he's put me on Prednisolone for a while to see how they help.  Will talk to him about these symptoms, let you know and put his answer up on the site.

Happy hallucinations till then

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A very interesting question that you pose. I have for years experienced waking up and seeing shapes of things and people. My wife gets irritated with me turning on the light in the middle of the night only to find that there isn't anything there. It really scares me at times. I thought I was unique but then at the last MS support group gathering I found another lady who experiences this same phenomenum. I guess we put this down to our belief in the spiritual world rather than MS specifically.

Anyway, a couple of months ago I started getting this feeling that I had something running over my back, particularly after having a shower. Then a few weeks later I felt as if there was something like a spider crawling across my forehead and cheek. My colleagues would laugh at me as I would swat myselft while trying to catch one of these imaginery creatures. And then I met another person with MS who also experienced phantom spiders.

The story ends with me sitting in a restaurant with my family and the waiter standing at our table taking orders. I felt a creepy crawly on my face and instantly slapped myself. To my utter surprise I hit a baby spider and said rather loudly to my wife 'look, its a real spider'. My wife said the waiter thought I was having a go at the cleanliness of the restaurant.

So, in summary, I don't think anything is unusual when it comes to MS symptoms. Good luck with your appointment.

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I have been seeing flys fling are the rooms lm in for years now. I normally see it in the rooms lm in when its darker. I will often get up knowing their arent any but it still makes me to get up. I will often see 3 or 4 at once and even fly close to my face on their fly bys. Now l must say that l have been heavy drinksr for years now and l will stop for a week here, week there and thats when it happens so l have no clue if its due to my stopping drinking.? I dont ever see this is days l do drink and thats even when lm not drinking yet. So lm really confused lol. I just started to look this up cause l have drank in a week and this is killing me right now that is what's happening lol. I also see the black spots also. I must say l loke my rooms to be dark normally but when l dont drink l have the lights like l said earlier.
Im writing this cause l would like to know if anyone has heard of this or is it cause lm sobbered up or crazy and drinking to must has caused this? Im telling you that it does make me want to drink when lm trying to stop drinking so much?

Thanks for reading
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Hi I have never been diagnosed with MS Im twenty years old I live alone and I see spider and like bugs that arent there its crazy I have went and quickly turned on the light and when I moved the covers nothing was there and then I woke up one night in my slumber and I swatted away an imaginary spider. I remember one night I was living with this lady all she remembers is that I started screaming and running because I saw a black and orange spider it was huge and when I realized it wasnt there I was frightened even more so when I found out it was never there.....I am getting haunted by these whatever they are I just want it to stop ive got to the point im paranoid....somebody please help I dont have Medicaid to go to a doctor or money to pay for pills but Im running myself crazy its got me in tears Im deathly afraid of spiders. When will it stop
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