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Hi everyone!

I posted this on the neuro forum, and I would also like everyone's opinion on the MS forum also.  I sometimes get this wierd shakey shifty eye thing.  The only way to describe it is, my eyeball goes kinda crazy and shakes, I think horizontally super fast, then goes back to normal.  I don't know why it happens or what I am doing when this happens, but it happens.  I do have ON, but this started happening I think before that dx.

I did mention it to my Optometrist, but never my opthamologist, I forgot.  I know, I know, write these things down!  Well! I've learned my lesson boy.  Anyway, my eyeball doesn't give me a vibrating feeling, it's the vision that quickly shakes back and forth, only for a split second.  A friend of mine,  said go back to an Opthalmologist and tell him cause it sounds like Nystagmus.  But I only get it every so often, isn't Nystagmus something you would have all the time?   Anyway, anyone have a thought or two?  Lulu, Quix?  My sx are really starting to pile up, with no light at the end of the tunnel.  Frustrating!   Thanks a whole bunch!  Stay well everyone(as well as you can anyway)
Hugs!  Sandie
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I'm not sure of what you're describing.  It could be nystagmus which can be in any direction, for example horizontal, vertical, rotational, random or "searching."  Nystagmus has a slow beat in one direction and a fast return to the opposite direction.  Nystagmus is a problem of the balance or vestibular system and can be from a central nervous system cause or a peripheral nervous system cause.

Or you may be describing something called oscillopsia (Ah-seh-lopp-see-ah).  This is where objects in the visual field shimmer back and forth and can occur at various speeds.  This may be the result of nystagmus or a tremoring of the eye.

The best way to get this diagnosed is to take a video of it.  If it lasts long enough grab your camera or cell-phone and get a picture of it.  An ophthalmologist can diagnose it from the video.

ANY symptom that is visible by others is best captured on video and shown to the doctor.  This is FAR better than any description and guess.

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Hey Quix

Thanks for your imput, I appreciate it.  Yeah, it happens really quick, and it feels like my line of vision just goes wacko for a second. Like I know my eyeball moved, and I can tell it moved in one direction.  Otherwise theres no feeling of anything specific happening, it's like my vision went off balance for a moment.  I do have vertigo, I've had it on and off for about 4-5 months. But this started a little before the ON and vertigo.  I was told that I also have hyperacusis, and various tremors, and vibrations going on.  I do have a lesion in the Basal Ganglia area, but they are still investigating MS.  I do also have Lupus, so it's anyones guess.  It doesn't happen often.  Thanks Quix .  Sandie
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