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what are signs and symptoms of MS?  I have optic neuritis and would like to know other symptoms. THANKS
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Hi Jmmuller,
The signs of MS vary from person to person, and no two of us are alike.

MY MS shows up in the form of dizziness and balance issues, neuropathic bladder, and a right leg that tires easily and goes into a form of drop foot when exhausted or overheated.  Others here experience a wide range of other symtoms from the sensation of electrical shocks, the feeling of water on the skin when they are actually dry, nerve pain, and phantom sensations.  I could go on, but I think you are getting the idea.

I'm sorry your have optic neuritis.  Has your doctor discussed MS with you?

We have wonderful information on our health pages here, that should be of help to you.  They can be accessed through the yellow icon on the top of this page.

I hope you'll come back here often to ask questions and share your story.

My best,
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My doctor has not discussed MS with me at all.  They did an MRI and the Radiologist said that there were no lesions and no signs of MS.  I also had a Lumbar Puncture and all the tests came back fine.

I constantly have eye pressure and headaches and other symptoms not sure if significant or related to the problem.  I never though anything of the symptoms.  I do lose my balance when I stand for a short period of time.  I have neck pain that radiates into my left arm. Spasms in certain areas of my body.

I know they say they ruled out MS from the MRI and the LP but I just keep thinking, is there any other testing to rule it out?  Anytime I hear someone having optic neuritis, they automatically relate it to MS.  Or if the optic neuritis is caused by some other problem.  I was told I need to be seen by an Neuroopthalmologist....  

I am young, and the headaches, fatigue, and pain really affect the way i live my life.  I have been to multiple Doctors and no one has given me answers really.  Because all the tests come back normal.

Thanks for your help Lulu
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Optic Neuritis is strongly linked to MS as you have discovered. Around 50% of people with MS will experience ON at some point, around 20% as there first episode. ( Must point out that ON or sensory symptoms at onset indicate a better prognosis).
No lesions and ON after 5 years, there is around a 30% chance of developing MS. So no lesions at this point is more positive.
Other causes of ON are Viral- bacterial infections such as herpes zoster. Have you had blood tests? Have you had the visual evoked potentials test?
Also autoimmune disorders such as lupus can cause ON, vasculitis too and a drug called ethambutal.
Like many people on here you won't get answers quickly but make sure you get all the necessary tests to rule other things out then at least you can narrow your search. MS is a hard one to rule out.
Good luck with your investigations and keep us informed.
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Thank you Suzie for responding.  I have had blood tests, but not a lot or enough I feel.  I had cultures on my Spinal fluid and testing and everything has returned normal.  I just had a CBC, Sed rate, CRP and everything was normal. What is the visual evoke potentials test?  I did have a visual field test at my Opthalmologist office and they said it was normal.

I am a lab technician and I kind of know certain tests to run to rule out things, So I am going to ask my doctor if I can run other certain types of tests, like an ANA and a Lupus Panel, and maybe some chemistry testing.

Would MS cause like weird spasms on random parts of your body? I've had like weird tingling/spasms on foot, inner thigh, arms, and sometimes face.  But they do not happen that often

Just wondering,  Thanks everyone for all the help.  I will keep you informed!
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Sounds like you will be getting everything done that needs to be.
The VEP test is where they stick electrodes to your head and you have to look at patterns on a screen, like black and white chequers, and you have to keep your eyes on a dot at all times as the patterns changes. It checks the brain is receiving a signal from the eyes. I believe it is used in diagnosing Optic Neuritis. It is also one of the standard tests most people have when looking at MS. Along with the Lumbar Puncture.

Yes, you do get weird spasms in MS. I get tingling too and burning and mild spasms and numbness. I have Clinically Isolated Syndrome, not clinical MS. These symptoms can accompany many neurological conditions as well though and can also be had by people with nothing wrong with them. When they happen all the time though I guess it needs looking into. Since I have been  having these tests and looking at MS I have definitely focused more on these symptoms and at times too much. Not all can be related. Stress can cause these things too. MS symptoms can get worse with stress and I notice all these twitches and things much more when I am stressed.

Good luck with your tests.


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