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Can you believe that it's our first fishing trip and we woke up this morning to SNOW!?  It rained most of the night last night but started snowing early this a.m. and we are disgusted!  Hubby is out now throwing snowballs for the dogs to chase...no wait he is building a snowman on the firepit!  I will try to get a picture of it!  Anyway, we still have a snowfall warning and could get 10-15 cm more!  Will update you when things get any worse!

Lots of Hugs,
p.s.  I have caught 3 rainbows and hubby only has caught one...I am woman hear me roar!  Oh and there is a big black bear hanging around, will try to get a picture for ya!
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  Yes, you are woman and hear you Roaring!..Lol   Don't you just love it when you catch more fish than hubby??  I know I do (grin)....Escpecially when he thinks he is the best fisherman around...NOT!

    Snow..That sounds so funny to hear. We are already up in to the 90's here....Can you say "HOT"!   Not so good to be out in.  I can't wait to see pix  :)
You go get 'em Tiger...Catch those fish!  Nothing like making a man eat his own words....at least in my case.

Be Safe and have FUN!
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Cool!  I once was camping and had Snow on 4rth of July it was way cool.

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Sorry about the snow if it's hampering your fishing. Didn't it snow or storm on your last trip?
Anyway, enjoy yourself!!

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You have all the fun ---- fish, and snow and bears! Oh my! Enjoy them all.  - L
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I won't pretend that I'm a great fisherman, or even a medicore one for that matter. I love fishing but have not causght even one in my life. I di come close to it a couple of years ago. Normally I don't even get nibbles, but a couple years ago I actually hooked one, but he/she broke the line just as I got him/her to the side of the boat.

So why do I enjoy fishing if I have never caught one? Well for one thing because I have never caught one. I don't like fish, I don't like the way the feel, smell, or taste. I will occasionally have some fish sticks ( maybe once every 2 or 3 years). I also love fishing just because I am outside in nature's beauty. The peace and solidtude of fishing does wonders for the soul.

I don't even know why I bother putting a hook / lure on my line. I should just put a sinker on it since I don't really want to catch anything. The last time I went fishing with my Dad it was in a rouge river out in Oregon. We picked out a nice spot down stream from some other fishermen. Every couple of minutes they were pulling good sized salmon while we were not getting a  nibble. After they other fishermen had caught their limit my dad and I moved to where they were fish. Again not a nibble, while some other fishermen had taken over our old spot and were catching salmon left and right. Just as were were getting ready to leave a couple of guys in a canoe were floating down stream. All of a sudden one of them stood up kind of and swatted his paddle into the river. He then reached down a pulled a very large solman into their boat. It was the funniest thing I ever saw.

Now I'm not saying I don't like all seafood. Shrimp and Crabs are two of my favortie food. I have sat down and eaten about 3 pounds of shrimp at one sitting. I would have kept eating more of them but figure that would have made me sick. I don't quite eat as many crab legs, only because it takes forever to get the meat out of the shells. So once everyoene else I am out eatting with have finished their meals I stop eating the cran legs.

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Rena where the heck are you, near the mountains?  No snow here up north, for a change.  Enjoy your fishing trip, I'll be thinking of you and your snowball fights when I land in balmy Vancouver tomorrow.  :)
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What the...............!!!!!!!!!!!

Good for the fish, I suppose.

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