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Saliva went down wrong pipe, could not breath! Dysphagia

Hi all, I´ve been having neck tightness and many the signs of my muscles in neck and mouth are not working right. It has been going on since March now, but I also had these symptoms last Autumn. But last night I had this same thing happen to me as did once in the Autumn:

I woke up from the feeling of saliva going down the wrong pipe, and as a normal reaction to that, I had a couch for awhile. But I could not breath in between the couches and that was SO scary, if I had panic (ed?) I could have been in danger (I think). But because I was thinking clearly, I got the control finally. It was worse than the first time. This felt like when the pipe for breathing should have been open, it was not!! Just like when the saliva went down the airpipe, when the other pipe should have been open! Please tell me your thoughts on this, and if any of you experience this.

My best,
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Dagun! That must have been so scary :( I know you have been dealing with swallowing issues for a long time. Have you been referred to a specialist for the swallowing problems yet?

It is important to make sure your swallowing mechanics are working properly so that you don't aspirate and end up with an infection. Chronic coughing is a sign that something is going on. Since you were asleep when this happened, it could have been gastro-esophogeal reflux causing the choking, but the only way to know the root cause is to get checked by a specialist.

There is an array of tests that can be done to see whether things are working properly inside your throat. You may want to let your doctor know that you have had repeated swallowing problems and are concerned about something going down the wrong pipe. Here's a little bit of extra info on the tests they do to check an individual's swallowing mechanism: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/difficulty-swallowing/DS00523/DSECTION=tests-and-diagnosis

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I've had trouble with swallowing liquids and occasionally even saliva but not to the point of not being able to breathe.  That must have been scary indeed!.  One time I took a sip of water and as soon as it hit the back of my throat it came flying back out, projectile style, and soaked my laptop!!.  It was so instant and reflexive.  Thank god it's never happened in public.  I mentioned this to my neuro last week and he has referred me to a speech pathologist who I guess will help me work on my technique.  Perhaps you could look into something similar.
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Thank you both for your answers. Jane I went to the Gastro-doctor (?) in January and then he told me I don´t have GERD (he did the tube test). So he did not really know what to do, at that time I was not having this problem. But I was just now talking to a nice woman at the ms "clubhouse" here, and she told me about a new ms neuro that was opening a practise but has been working with ms at the hospital. I am booked there June 6, so now I will cross my fingers and hope she is "the right one" to help me.

Doublevision that must have been weird. The strange thing is I don´t feel like I´m swallowing the wrong way alot, even though I can feel that my throat is in a "flare" for last two months.

My best,
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I did a google on 'chocking on saliva whilst sleeping' and many hits came up, this one is a medical dr response, there are a few other possible causes eg. sleep apnea


I'm not sure what you mean by "many the signs of my muscles in neck and mouth are not working right" are you having swollowing issues (chewing and or swollowing) whilst awake, stuttering or slurring of words etc as well? When you say 'neck tightness' are you experiencing anything in your jaw to?

Sorry but i'm coming up with way to many questions lol but its possible that what your experiencing is something like TN or even vascular and you've got me thinking. lol

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I hope things get better Dagun
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