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Saying Good bye

After many years on Med Help I have to say good bye. I am in liver failure from my cancer. I am now getting bed ridden and no longer want to eat or drink. This group has meant a lot to me since 2008 or so. If anyone is on Facebook  with me please do not mention it on Facebook. There are those I have not told yet.
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I'm so sorry Alex!  You have been so selfless in helping others on this site while also dealing with your own health issues.  Your wisdom and generosity will never be forgotten.  I pray that you are comfortable and that you are surrounded by loved ones.  Much love!

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Alex, so sorry to read this goodbye. Thank you for thinking of all of us, and taking the time to let us all know. You have been such a wonderful support to so many here, and I count myself among those lucky ones to have known your selfless help. You have really made a difference ☺ Praying that you will continue to be surrounded by love and peace. Thank you for sharing your light.
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Thank you, Alex, for all of your selfless giving to this community. I wish you peace, love, and comfort in the upcoming days. You have had such a positive impact on me - there isn't enough thanks to express it.

All my best to you and your loved ones,
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It's with so much sadness that I read your post. You have been an inspiration to me through so much of my MS struggles. I pray for peace and love to you and your family. I will always remember you Alex for your bravery and straight shooter attitude. I will continue to ask myself as I have done on so many occasions, what would Alex do! I will miss you my friend. Thank you for being my friend.
Love and HUGS, barb
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Alex, you have been a warrior through a difficult battle.  Peace to you through this last stage.

I pray your pain control is good and for both you and your family.

Than you for your unwavering commitment to this board for so many years.
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Dearest Alex, your willingness to share anything and everything no matter how painful or personal is both rare and beautiful.

Thank so much for your wisdom and humour over the years that I have been with MH. It means more to me than I can ever express.

I wish you a peaceful and painless journey.

Thank you so much,

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I don't usually have trouble saying what i'm thinking or feeling but everything gets personally confronting for me when it comes to Cancer and saying goodbye but i know i don't have the time to wade through my family Cancer history and find the right words...

I am running through a gambit of emotions after reading your news today, and all i can come up with is how much i want you to know that you are an incredibly inspirational woman.....you probably don't even realise how much of a difference you've made to many of us all over the world, as this group has meant a lot to you, you have meant a lot to us!

So from me to you, I thank you, I thank you for being brave and gracious enough to share your story, I thank you for being an inspirational voice and selfless in your support of the members of our little MS community...thank you Alex for being the incredible woman that you are..

Gentle HUGS........JJ  
I'm so sorry you have to leave.  Your love of life has always shone through so brightly.  Such a kind soul you are. Thank you for your dedication to being here and so generous to so many of the scared, the depressed and despairing.  Your posts were a great help to me at a tough time.  Know that you truly made a difference and won't be forgotten.

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Alex thank you for all your help and support. I pray that your pain is under control and you can rest easy and be comforted by family and friends. We will miss you and God bless
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Hi Alex,
I'm so sorry to hear this, you are an inspirational woman, you are always there for all on this lovely site regardless of what you are going through yourself. Only having my diagnosis of MS last year, I'm so glad I got the chance to have conversations with you where you were there with answers, advice & support when I really needed it too, so I thankyou so much for that Alex
You will be one missed lady!
Sending hugs to you and your family.
Take care
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Hi Alex, I was so saddened to read your post and I am finding it hard to find the correct words right now. You are a beautiful, inspirational and caring person who has had just about everything thrown her way and yet you've managed to rise above it all, time and time again.

I hope you are comfortable and spending time with the people you love the most. I just wanted you to know how much I have learnt from you over the years and I wanted to thank you for all your dedication to the MS community, myself included.

Thank you Alex and God bless.

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  I haven't been online here in a while...I am so sorry. You are an incredible woman and a faithful supporter of all here.  May you find peace after so much struggle.
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Thanks for the wonderful thoughts. This group gave me great support over the years.

Sorry to read this goodbye post. You have meant so much to so many , including me! Your inspiration to all is going to missed. You are one awesome lady.

Wishing you and peaceful journey to your next destination,
Many hugs,
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Farewell, sweet generous soul.


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milk Thistle is great to heal the liver and may extend your time.
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I never spoke directly to you Alex but have read a lot of your post.  I am in the process of being DX with PPMS and you are a soldier.  NO more pain my friend.

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I think of you all of the time. I have not signed on here for months... I wanted to put my medical woes behind me.  I will always have a special place in my heart for you, dear Alex.. I do not even know if you will ever read this... or if you're still on this earth.  You were our living angel here. See you on the other side. I will look for you.  
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