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Second opinion

I have finally been scheduled for a second opinion at Washington University's MS clinic. They sent me some paperwork to fill out, typical how do you feel kinds of things. There was also included a form to fill out (I can't remember the specific name) on depression...ie how depressed are you, are you depressed everyday, etc. Is this typical? I have been through this so long and for so long I have had many doctors try and blame it on depression or say it is all in my mind. Does this sound like I am heading down the same path again?
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Emotions IE stress depression etc etc have to be so completely intertwined with our MS experience that although I do not have an answer for you on the intentions of this MS clinic I would be interested in knowing what you hope to get out of this visit.  

Do you already have a diagnosis?  I have never been to an MS clinic I don't know if there just has never been a medical reason for me to have gone to one or if it was a factor of the distance to one.  (About a 2 hour drive)  

I would think that doctors in an MS clinic would not approach this disease in the same manor that so many unknowing doctors out in the non MS community do.
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I do not have a diagnosis yet. I  have had increasing brain lesions on MRI's since about 2000. My latest MRI came due to an influx of symptoms and showed more lesions. My Neuro did an LP which was negative, so he said that he didn't think it was MS...and come back for another MRI in 6 months. He was so dismissive I requested a second opinion and this clinic is within my insurance network. They are through Barnes in St Louis and they only deal with MS, so I am hoping to get some answers. I get so frustrated, however, when doctors want to blame it on depression or hypochondria that the form they sent surprised me a little.
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Hi there,

A belated welcome to you.

It's very common for those with chronic syndromes and diseases to get depression so you should not be judged for it.  BUT, I totally understand your reluctance when putting it on paper, especially if you've had a bad experience and Drs have brushed your off in the past because of it.

Leave the form blank if it makes you feel better - you can always describe in person.

You have increasing lesions and symptoms - a Dr. needs to get to the cause.  When are you scheduled to go?

Thanks for joining us!
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