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Sharp Knee pains?? spasms??

Hi everyone, my computer is acting up and I'm not sure this will get on as a post ??  my reason for being away, I'm using a frd laptop..

my questions is.. this morning I got up and I cannot bend my left leg without a sharp pain in my knee area, I didn't do anything to hurt it...I was wondering if this could be a spasm of some kind.  It's really a sharp pain if I try to bend it at a certain place.  

when I lay on my recliner I can see the muscles moving abit around my knee cap?  Not alot of movement, or a big area.. but it moves back and forth.  No pain with the movement.. it seem to be getting better now.. but it was sore for a few hours?  

any idea...maybe arthritic?

take care  and hope to get my new computer soon
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Your knee cap is probably slightly out of its groove. I awoke with popping knee but no pain one day until finally in the afternoon there was a giant pop and excruciating pain from the front of my knee all the way across and backward into the knee.

I was able to see my husband's orthopedic doctor that same day and then was started on a physical therapy routine to strengthen my upper leg muscles to hold the knee cap in place. It is simply a group of exercises that I can do at home. I saw the therapist for a few weeks to practice the exercises.

In the meantime, for four days I stayed off of that leg, got a knee brace, got a cane, used R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression and elevation). After four long days, it was fine and has not happened since.
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I think my knee issues are developmental, i didn't develop right, for some strange reason we (my brothers, both my children as well as my self) all have some skeletal issue.

Elders brother has the arm bones reversed

Youngest brother has right side under developed, goes beyond just skeletal probs, arms also bend futher than normal like my son

Daughter has scoliosis, double curve, she had knee probs now hip her back does it

Son his arms bend futher than norm, shoulder blades are wings and it looks like he might be starting to twist like his sister, he also has a missing knuckle in his right hand

Me, i have missing bone in second toe of both feet, looks like my baby toes are in the wrong places and theres my knees, i also seem to have the excess of flexiblity.

Its something to do with lax joints that gives us the excess flex, theres other skeletal things i cant recall but its interesting that we basically all have either missing parts or bits in the wrong places, seems to be genetics again for me.

BTW i cringed at the "I think the pop was a big chunck going" i think i felt it, ugg how horrid and paaaaainful!

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"the knee cap doesnt always go where its suppose to go when i straighten it, it feels like it could be out of its socket so to speak. "

this why I wear the brace, for my case the OA is is on the back of the knee cap. where it follows the femur. when I saw the MRI about 1/4 damaged. I think that pop was a big chuck going.

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Hey wobbly,

I cant say what it is, i've had the feeling of being hit with a base ball bat across both knees, i dont do anything at all, it just happens. I get woken up from sleep with it, get up from a chair, walk even, no rhyme or reason for it that i can work out. I do recall a time when it was just my right knee, this happens every year and has for well over 20 years.

I only started getting the muscle responses last year, though i think its another thing possibly unrelated to the knee, more coincidental that its the muscle closest to the knees. Unlike Phoenix, i've never got the pop sound, the only pop i've had was when i tore the muscle of the bone in my arm. I'm guessing but think for some reason when my leg is bent, the knee cap doesnt always go where its suppose to go when i straighten it, it feels like it could be out of its socket so to speak.

The most i've got out of my GP is that its abnormal to have knee pain like i've described, thats it. Glad your knee is getting better, though i'm still waiting for my knees to function as they should.

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thanks guys...  my knee feels alot better now, I will keep record of this if it happens more often.  It could have been from sleeping weird. thanks for being here.

take care
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I have OA in my left knee, so this might help. prior to what's below, my left knee felt normal  

About 3 years ago, I stepped out of my shower and didn't have my full weight on it when I heard/felt a loud POP. I applied RICE (rest it, ice it, etc) immediately and should of called my doctor (I called him a week later). my knee cap could move 1/2" sideways, had muscle spasms,  my knee swelled and couldn't move it....and it hurt badly but not the worse I've felt.

I couldn't walk normal and it hurt like H. when my PCP saw me, he immediately had me in a wheelchair while there. I had to get crutches for 8 weeks with no weight allowed for my left leg. then 4 weeks of using them when walking. he seemed dumbfounded on how a person dx'd with fibro could handle that pain and barely complain and be very up beat.

because of my insurance (it takes them minimum 6 weeks to give an answer for a reference)  4 months later, I was dx'd with OA (degenerative arthritis)on the backside of my left knee cap. that doctor told me most people wouldn't be able to feel it. REALLY?? he then told me, my right ankle/foot problem and my left knee were going to play off each other and would destroy my good joints in my legs and I would be lucky to be able to walk in 10 years then he left. I broke down and cried (its very rare that I cry, even rarer to do so in public) I was 30 yr at the time

I have to wear a rx knee brace when I walk. before this happened it was my good knee. During the summer, I call my left leg my zebra leg since my foot is white, my calf is tan, my knee is white, my thigh is tan. :)

I hope you better soon and it would probably be a good idea to call your doctor just to make sure
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Cant be off much help, but just to say that I have had this a couple of times in the past. I assumed I had twisted it or something in my sleep (I can get very restless in my sleep and end up wrapped up in the sheets), it was before I had any inkling of MS and as it wore off after a few hours just ignored it.

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any idea?
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