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Short-term disability with MS

Hello, I am new here and am trying to find information about short-term disability insurance for myself. I have had 3 bouts with Optic Neuritis. I finally went to the Ophthalmologist with the third episode and found out that what I was experiencing had a name. From there he sent me to have an MRI and the results of that were multiple lesions that are consistent with MS. From there I have been seen by a Neurologist who specializes in MS, she did a full workup (family history/symptoms/blood work/physical exam), she also sent me for a cervical MRI (which I am told now does not show any lesions). At the visit she told me that she is certain it is MS and told me that she wanted to get me treated asap, but did not give me a clinical diagnosis. I asked her to document the records as only being treated for Optic Neuritis so I could look into getting some kind of short-term disability. She did as I requested and I will be seeing her again in about a month. Since this I have been looking into some policies however, I'm confused. Can I apply to get a policy even though I have been tested and have received findings that are said to be consistent with MS, or since I have had MRI's and such am I just basically screwed for that route? I have not received an documented diagnosis as of thus far and have not received any type of treatment for MS either, not even for the Optic Neuritis. I know that the underwriter can/will pull medical history and I have been told that they may be able to even speak with my Neuro Dr. I obviously do not want to commit fraud but at the same time I do not have a diagnosis so am confused if the testing is something that I have to disclose during the application process. I do not want to pay money only to find out that the policy (if ever claimed) will not pay, nor do I want to waste the time applying if I am going to be rejected anyway; or have them come back and say that I committed insurance fraud. If anyone has any information on this that they are willing to share I would appreciate it. I do not plan on using the policy anytime soon since I am currently in nursing school,  but in 5,15,30 years.....well I cannot predict the future.

Thank you,
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Welcome - I'm glad you found us here.  I think in answer to your question - you have to be honest.  That means you answer the questions that are asked on the application, but don't volunteer additional information.

When you are done with nursing school, you may want to look closely at the benefits package offered through our employer.  I know for mine, it is  standard that everyone is given disability insurance - it pays 40% of our salary.  I had an option to add additional insurance and upped mine to the upper limit - which is still only 60% of my salary.    Because it was through a large group plan, I did not have to qualify medically for the coverage.  

If you don't think you need this now, I would wait and not have an insurance 'refusal' possible show up on my record.  The insurance I really wish I had the opportunity to purchase is the long-term care, which would cover nursing home care.  I can still buy it, but it is outrageously pricey for the premium.

good luck with school, this diagnosis (when you get it!) and the insurance.  Be sure to stick around and ask your questions - this is a great community with very smart and compassionate people.  

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A few years before I received an MS diagnosis or even had a strong suspicion, I was turned down for long-term care insurance that I'd applied for on general principles. The reason for the denial was abnormal brain MRI. I guess I supplied too much info about my health somehow, but I don't remember the details now.

Insurance companies have access to a huge pool of health information, so there was no point in applying elsewhere. I too wish I had the long-term variety, even though it's expensive. But c'est la vie.


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They use private investigators and can find out everything. What they will do is okay you and let you pay premiums but if you ever try to use it they will bring up your medical issues and say you lied about it so they do not have to honor the insurance. So they can win by getting money from you and never having to pay out.

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I know that I don't want to commit any fraud or pay out money that can be spent on other things only to find out that I cannot use the policy that I have been paying for. Really wish that I had not put off getting some type of disability ins for so long. My job does not offer it but I've always been a healthy person so I never really gave it much thought. It was not until last Dec when the first MRI showed anything that I become concerned. There should be agencies that offer some for of insurance to those who are in this position or have a diagnosis. Maybe I will go ahead and try the application and provide any information that is asked and stress that there is not a diagnosis only testing. I don't know maybe I could get lucky.

To all those in this situation I feel for you and wish you the best. If anyone happens to come up with any other information about where I could go please let us all know.

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I hope you find something. I never got disability or life insurance and I was diagnosed with MS when I was 46 and stage 3 Cancer when I was 49. I thought that I could get Life insurance through some group plan but so far I have found no life insurance that will take me. Good luck to you.

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Keep trying.  Took me 2 years and I was turned down 2 times.  Finally got it on the third try.  They have to give you all the money from the time you apply.  Don't give up, that's what they want.  I get SSDI.
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Mine is through social security, not health insurance.  Good luck.
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