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Does anyone have any advice as to how to make self-injecting easier? Sometimes I seem to be able to give myself my shot with no problem and it doesn't hurt. Other times it seems to hurt more and I just feel like I CAN'T do it. Of course I eventually do, but it just seems more painful. I take Avonex which is inter-muscular and they told me that after the skin there are no nerve endings. Many times I don't feel anything but sometimes it just seems to hurt more. Last night was one of those times. I wonder if my menstrual cycle has anything to do with it?

I tend to deal with this by "forgetting" to take my shot. Any advice to make this easier would be appreciated.


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Amy, I'm on copaxone and it is sub-Q - I don't know about tips to make the IM injections easier.

Have you talked to your doctor or the mfg  about this problem?  I would check with them and see if they have ideas.

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Hi there,

I feel your frustration and get the exact same way even after 4 years.

Can someone else inject for you for awhile?

It's a terrible feeling - it's as if you get apprehensive or something  - not sure where it comes from, but I have it too on and off.
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Oh my goodness! I am so excited. Someone just posted a video for an Avonex self-injector. Of course it has yet to be approved by the FDA. Hopefully soon. Although an oral med or better yet one that comes in a hip flask might be better! :)
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Hip flask?  LOL   The rumor mill talks about that self-injector for Avonex.  Here's hoping it comes along soon.  Are your shots getting any easier?  I sure hope so.

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Here are a couple of possibilities.

Is your Avonex in a refrigerated pre-filled syringe?  Make sure you let it warm to room temperature before injecting (no less than 30 minutes).

Are there certain spots that seem more sensitive or are more likely to hurrt?  Try poking around on your skin before you get ready to inject.  You may find that some areas of the skin's surface are more sensitive than others.  Pick the dullest areas!

Do you feel more 'nervous' during your period?  Maybe you push the plunger a little faster then?  Breaking the surface of the skin is the worst part but injecting the liquid medication can displace tissue and be uncomfortable.  It doesn't usually last though.  I believe with avonex you can apply some pressure after injection.  That might help.

Do you have a set 'ritual'?  Find what works for you and try making that routine a habit.  Light a aromatherapy candle?  Meditate while the syringe warms to room temp?  Have a 'trigger' word that you say (or shout) out loud as you prepare to dart (faster insertion is usually less painful)?  Visualize you are darting someone else?  Reward yourself afterwards with something reserved for this event only?  Whatever might work for you.

Take a break from your own anxiety and let someone else inject you.  It is possible you can't get a good angle on your own arms anyway.  Even with Copaxone and an autoinjector I have a hard time anymore with my arms.  When I twist my body to reach the right spot it often sets off muscle spasms and I end up barely able to hold myself together to get the job done.

If all else fails you might just have to cross the border to Canada?  I hope it's going better now.  Is ithe Avonex at least working to decreae relapses?

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To be honest, I had the same problem with Rebif and that was only given three times per week.  It didn't hurt going in.  I just had a hard time doing it.  So, I didn't to go tribal with it and used a blood curling scream as I stuck myself.  Of course, no one was home at the time but for some reason it made it easier for me.

Gee, mothers in labor do it as they are pushing...why not when giving a shot?  lol
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I use ice pack to numb area before the injection...I don't give myself the injection my husband does but...but it hurts alot less when i put cold pack on it.
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