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Should I get a T-Spine MRI?

I was wondering if I should get a t spine MRI?
I have had brain, c spine and all of the other tests but have never had the t spine.

I just want to cover my bases.
What symptoms usually show with lesions on the t spine?
thanks.  Stay safe east coasters.  I am in ct and have battened down the hatched.

Sitting ducks.

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Unless you have hug or symptoms in you legs, I say no.  The body part you get MRI'ed really depends on symptoms.   It you are having confusion and ON, you need to scan the brain.  If you are having Occipital Neuritis and Arm Symptoms, you need to scan the brain and C-Spine.  If the symptoms are in the lower limbs, you need to scan the brain, C-spine and T-spine.  

Your doctor may also decide to scan the L-spine, not looking for lesions, but looking to see if lower limb symptoms could be the result of compression of the Cauda Equina, the horse tail nerves that go to the lower extremities.

MRI time is expensive, and doing MRIs that are not medically indicated drives up the patiet costs and increases the waiting times for MRIs.  Most doctors order MRIs based on clinical indications and your insurance companies guide lines.


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I say yes to getting your spine scanned,  hopefully you can have your scan on on 3T, images results are better than on a 1.5T.

MS occurs in three areas,  brain, optic nerve and the spinal cord.  
Do you know if your Dr request the C & T parts of spine?

Check out health pages about lesions,


and spinal cord lesions,


hope this helps some

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Bob is correct about the MRIs, Follow his advice and don't have MRIs that are unnecessary.

Stay safe through the storm. I'm sending only good thoughts to those of you on the East Coast that all of you suffer minimal damage and no injuries. Follow Alex (HVAC)'s  advice she psoted about venturing out after the storm...be careful and don't drive on flooded streets.

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