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Should I get a thoracic and lumbar mri?

I've had right sided weakness, rigidity, spasicity, and numbness (mostly in my leg) since August 2012- my neuro did a physical exam and came to the conclusion that i had some nerve abnormalities and ordered a brain and cspine mri, EMG, nerve conduction study, and basic bloodwork to rule out any deficiencies. While waiting for the results of these tests, my symptoms have become stronger and more frequent, at times preventing me from walking normally, or even walking period. I was just told that all my tests came back normal, and that it is probably a virus since they can't determine a cause- they then told me i needed no further tests, and to come back and see them in 6 months if my symptoms persist. I can't help but feel like I should get a thoracic and lumbar mri given the focus of my symptoms are in my right leg, which is controlled in those portions of the spine. I feel like I'm being brushed off by my doctors- are these kinds of symptoms common in a virus? Should I push for the extra MRIs? Please advise!
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Did you already have the brain MRI? Some people don't have lesions in all places. I only have them on my brain but not on my spine, just arthritis. The parent of one of my students who also has a DX of MS is the opposite. Her's are all on her spine. I'm not a doctor, but it would seem like you would need both the head and the spine MRI. If your symptoms are that bad with no explanation if your insurance will pay for it. I don't see what it would hurt to have it. But what do I know.
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I had a normal brain and c spine mri, with all my bloodwork normal as well- I'm just concerned that there may be something on my thoracic or lumbar spine that they haven't looked for.
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