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So Much To Do, So Little Time

Lately, I've been in a rush. I been trying to get everything in order and done. I'll be off the forum for a little bit.

Goods News..Hubby got a job!! He's been laid off for over 1 year now and finally someone grabbed him up. Thank you God.

The bad thing is, I'm in a rush to get everything done before my bladder surgery and before my husband goes back to work. My surgery is on the 14th of April. My husband starts back to work officially the 20th. My surgery puts me on a weight limit for 6-8 weeks and I will also have a catheter for the first week after surgery.

We want to repair our bathroom this weekend (new tub and wall unit) because our tub is in really bad shape. That means we have to do it this weekend. Wish me luck. I'm tired from the holidays and the fatigue is setting in. My muscles spasms are acting up, along with other issues.

We had some unexpected guest this past weekend. I loved having them, but I was so exhausted from the visit. I also had a seizure. My husband had to tell me about it the next day. I don't remember anything after the seizure, except for bits and pieces. I think it happened because I didn't get enough sleep for several days. My brother-in law had made some statements that made my eldest son and our company very mad. He was drinking and said that it was all in my head. I of course don't remember it, but my son, and company was very angry over this statement.

He has said things like this to me before. He has told me that it's in my head, it's all about mind over matter, kind of junk, and has even suggested me to go off my meds. To me, I guess he feels like I'm only sick because I believe I'm sick. I ignore his ignorance, because I would rather feel like I use to. I would give anything to go back to that. I just hate it when people question whether your sick or not, just because you have no diagnosis and the doctors can't figure it out.

Well, I hope everybody is doing good. Wish me luck on the surgery. I'll probably pop in here and there, until the 14th. After that, I'm not sure what I'll feel like. I hope when can do this bathroom thing. Cross your fingers on that one.

Love you all :)
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What a mixed report --- that is absolutely great news about your husband and the job.  Is he local or will he have to travel again?  I hope he stays in the area.

As for the BIL - I would not let him back.  If you can't do that, then your husband should.  You don't need some loud mouthed drunk creating problems in your house and your life.  I don't know what causes your seizures, but I would guess the stress of this jerk didn't help your situation.

Bladder surgery, while not a fun prospect, may really help your problems.  I will hope for a successful surgery and a fast recovery.

Good luck with the bathroom remodel- there's nothing llike a deadline to get a project moving.

hugs, L
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Hi, SB. I too send you best wishes regarding your surgery. I do hope it helps. And 3 cheers about your husband's new job. One less thing to worry about.

Your brother-in-law sounds like a jerk. There are always know-it-alls out there who think they have cornered the market on medical treatment. I bet he'd be a real cry-baby himself if he got as much as a hang-nail. So give his comments all the attention they deserve, which is none at all.

Take care,
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Hi, just wanted to add my congratulatory wishes about hubby's new job as well as send best wishes for your surgery.

Good luck  on the bathroom remodel. Hope it goes smoothly.

Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery,
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So happy about the new job for your husband.

Bother in law is a jerk    clueless jerk  He should walk in your shoes for a day

And best wishes on surgery.   Hang in there for us You do have a full plate.

wishing you the best      Linda
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congrats on your hubby on getting a new job. good luck with the surgery, I hope you heal well and fast. Try not to over do it this weekend with the bathroom.

As for your BIL, he sounds like my brother, try to ignore this jerk and if possible out of house and away from you. did he think the seizure was faked too? not that it matters. if he's anything like my brother he'll run to his mommy when he gets a small boo-boo. IMO, this type of people should be in our shoes. maybe then they'd learn some compassion  to others.

take care
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Hi, I hope the projects go well and does the surgery and the new job.  Yahoo!

As for the BIL, people like that are toxic presences and suck our presence energy - even when we try to ignore them.  I recommend that he not be allowed back at your house until he can mind his tongue.  This is often an effective way for cowards and bullies to see that their actions have consequences.  Have your DH tell him if necessary.

Hoping all goes smoothly.

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I forgot to add- get in touch with me if I can be of help since I'm so close.  

Get that bladder done and then you can go back to the other problems with more focus, perhaps! - L
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Gee you've got a lot going on, you might end up doing to much in the rush to get it all ready, be a good girl now!! Great news about hubby getting a job, sort of great that your about to get your bladder sorted, you'll probably need a rest after all you've got going on lol.

About your BIL, the world is full of overly opinionated people, no qualifications, no education or experience to back up their unfounded words, they are all knowing, regardless! He kind of reminds me of one of my relatives, he was adement and highly verbal with his opinions on what my DD's 'real' issues were, he was wrong but even with medical evidence he still never changed his unqualified opinions, just ignorant and not worth the negative energy. These people never seem to change, i try to hold my tongue but sometimes i bite back because someone needs to let them know they are full of hot air and nothing but ignorant twits!! No solution, they have a negative and yes toxic energy but they just dont see themselves as being the Asss.

Take care

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Thanks you all for the best wishes. It really means a lot to me.

It doesn't look like we'll get the bathroom done this weekend..OH WELL! I guess it wasn't meant to be. The place where we were going to order it from, said the tub and wall unit wouldn't be in until next Friday, so I guess we are going to wait until I fully recover and try then. I guess it does work out better. I shouldn't put too much on my plate and over do it.

LuLu- Hubby got a job locally. He'll be working at AK Steel. It's a little bit of a drive from here (40min.) but worth it. He got hired on in the maintenance department...He's the Jack of all trades:) We are so happy right now.

As far as BIL problems, my husband already tied into him about what he said. BIL said that he guessed it was the wrong thing to say and that he thought it would calm people down..To me, that just shows how ignorant he is. It reminds me of a saying "I refuse to have a battle of the wits, with an unarmed person."

Take Care

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Just to say I am sending you strength, love and prayers for your forthcoming surgery. You sound like a strong woman but we all need support with the challenges we face. With best wishes

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Thanks so much Sarah. I appreciate it.

Take Care
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