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So my broken toe from last week was JUST starting to feel better, when the van door closed on it.

Ok, so maybe this could be an MS question? I am still fighting with some sort of vocal chord infection, still cant talk too well. and I do believe this is setting off a flare. Actually I don't believe, I know.

The main problem of this flare, is lots of tingling and numbness, particularly in my left foot/leg.  I am not feeling my left foot too well, and broke a toe and some other "little" bones.  So, today, was at one of the kids schools, got in my car, and without realizing it, my foot was not quite in the van.  Tears were flowing.

I can only wear flip flops due to my foot, don't know if there are any other suggestions as to what might help. I know I really need to be much more careful, just still feel like schleprock.  


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Oh Michelle, we haven't formally "met" but I've been reading your posts lately.  You are really getting "whammied", I am terribly sorry.

I do have a suggestion. I have had broken toes before and sometimes you can find soft casts at a medical supply place that will fit around it like a shoe but softer/looser. It will protect it better than a flip flop.

Also, sometimes wrapping it so it's not mobile and I hate to say it but even sometimes a cast. I'm not sure how it's broken so I'd ask the doctor before wrapping it myself. You don't want it healing around the wrapping and it becoming deformed.  

Did you have x-rays? I've broken my little toe a few times but never got x-rays. I could just tell.
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M - Sidesteps' suggestion is a good one  - you really have to do something to protect that foot because it has taken enough abuse.

Honestly I cringed when  I read your title.  Please stay home and let the hubby do the driving.

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I think we need to wrap you in bubble wrap. :-)  Seriously though, a short cast or "walking boot" might make sense.  Lack of feeling many put you at risk for increased damage.

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Oh no!!  I cringed too.  Could have happened to any of us.  In fact it sounds exactly like something I would do, so don't feel like a schleprock.  When our limbs are numb it is so easy to injure oneself.  I've sawed through my numb fingers with a serrated bread knife more than once.  

I think the above suggestions are good ones.  

I'm sorry you are going through such a tough time right now.
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I can feel your pain. I just broke my pinky toe 2 days ago and then hit it on the same piece of furniture again last night.

You said you broke some other "little bones" , does that mean you had x-rays? If you haven't seen an ortho doctor you should consider it. There is a break of the 5th toe called a Jones fracture.  A friend of my girls and my sister in law both had it. It is a slow fracture to heal . If it doesn't heal properly then pain or surgery are in your life for the long haul.

Yes, this is a MS question and one I deal with all the time. I have decrease reception propriception i.e. I don't know where my left hand an foot are all the time and continuously knock over glasses and run into furniture etc. At least we can commiserate together and have the comfort of knowing there is decreased sensation to those areas and we don't feel all the pain!

On the other hand, this means you must be more vigilant about handling sharp or hot objects as you  will nor fee the initial heat and not pull away as a reaction to the heat and receive a burn. I have had many of those. MT PT doesn't want me cooking or driving or ironing, etc. Of course, I cook but I am mindful of what I am doing instead of multi-tasking when cooking.

Your foot is like a diabetic's foot and you should inspect it daily to see if there are any cuts or abrasions so that you can head off any infections, etc.

Sorry this new isn't better but it is a part of lovely MS "extras". You should see my typing  before I "correct"" it. I can't tell how hard I have touched something ex,: eeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I hope your foot feels better soon and I would go to an orthopedist  not a podiatrist. Orthos are less knife happy than podiatrists.

Hugs for you and your little swollen toes!

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How is her foot like a diabetic foot? I'm curious because I've noticed some changes in my feet/toes lately.

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