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Social Security Disability, move to different state

My disability is getting worse quickly, and I will probably have to go on disability soon. (Scary!) I was told that it is typically 70-80% of your salary. So does that remain constant forever? Would it change if I moved to another state? Would it increase with inflation? Thanks for any information.

Never even considered the financial side of this when I was diagnosed. And definitely did not think I would be in this position just two years after diagnosis.

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Sorry to hear your disability is increasing so rapidly.

I do not think your Social Security benefits change from state to state but don't quote me on that. The social Security site has a place full of FAQ's and I'm sure the answer to your questions can be found there.

As for your disabilty payment, that information can be found on those Social Security bulletins (those green and white sheets sent out yearly).

I hope I helped, not sure I did much.

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Thanks, I did not realize those SS bulletins were for disability. I thought they were for retirement SS. I am new to the world of social security, though. So far I do not like this world.
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Me neither!!!
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Social Security Disability is a federal program and therefore once you qualify it remains constant as long as you reside in the US. The problem is, it is a constant amount that does not take into account cost of living in different areas. Consequently, SSDI recipients often move to lower cost of living areas to make the measly check go a bit further. The amount you get is based on the number of full time quarters you put in, but only loosely. I think the average right now is about $1100 per month.
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There's a cost of living increase each year (presumably) based on the economy, etc. Some states tax your social security disability and some don't. So, if you move to a state where they don't tax your payments, you may make a little bit of extra money - but not much since the disability payments usually aren't very high in the first place.  
Federal taxes apply after $25K - but they use a formula - something like 1/2 of your disability, then add on your other income to see if they all add up to $25K.  If not, then you don't have to pay federal taxes. Or something like that.

I'm trying to figure it all out.  I can't believe the measly amount that I'm going to start to receive is higher than
the avg amount. Pretty sad.    
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Thanks for the information, everyone. What a hard situation for all of us. I wish everyone the best.
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