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Some Good News

Since the board seems quiet this morning and I couldn't sleep all night last night or the night before and probably won't tonight unless I take something because I am excited like a kid on Christmas Eve!!!

Hubby and I went to his co-workers house last night to look at the puppies that they have.  We have been tossing around the idea of getting a playmate for Kayleigh but I said to hubby that one will eventually fall in our laps...I am not going to go looking.

So...we went into this house and there are like 5 adult dogs and 5 puppies.  I think 2 are chihuahua's, 1 is a Papillion, 1 is a Daschund and 1 is a Miniature Pinscher.  The Father of the pups is purebred Papillion and the Mom is a Miniature Pinscher.  I forgot to take my camera but took hubbies and hope to print and scan in some pics later today.

Anyway, we chose a beautiful little fluffy puppy with creamy colored fur and a white streak on her head.  She has floppy ears similar to a cocker spaniel and is the cuddliest little thing!  She is just scrumptious and I can't wait to pick her up on Friday.  She was born on Labor Day, September 1st so she is about 10 weeks old.  When I picked her up, she snuggled right into my jacket and started giving me little puppy kisses and when I put her down she wouldn't leave me alone till I picked her up again...perhaps she chose me??? hehe

Now...I have to go get a little kennel, dishes, food, collar, leash, toys, bones and then I have to get her shots and have her spayed. A friend of ours has an old playpen that we can use for the puppy so we can keep her upstairs and not worry too much about the carpet.  She is already following the adults outside to do her business where she is living so I don't see too much of a problem. It is going to cost, I figure. close to $500.00 for all of it but ya know what?  I figure that I have been through a couple of really horrid years and I have never had a puppy all my own from the start so that I can raise her to be what I want her to be and I figure that I deserve to do this one thing for myself.  I told hubby that I am paying for everything out of my pension money I have saved so that he doesn't need to worry about how much it will all cost and I can spoil her to my hearts content.  We haven't introduced her to Kayleigh yet but I have a feeling that they will get along fine once Kayleigh realizes that the puppy is no threat to her and her lovin' she gets from us.

So, I have to go to my exercise class to day and then I have some serious puppy shopping to do!!  Then I am probably going to come home and crash cause I seriously maybe got 1 hour of sleep last night...my mind just won't shut down and if anyone has any cool names to offer a creamy little puppy that isn't going to get any bigger than 10 pounds...I wouldn't mind the help...actually, I was thinking that Ada might be a nice name!  tee hee

Lots of Hugs,
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Aaaaaaaw, aaaaaawww, puppy kisses! Breath and all? Oh, Rena, he does sound scrumptious! This is perfect! And, heaven sent!

I like Ada as a name, how can you go wrong.  She'll be spazzie, but sweet, and everything in between!

What a great read this a.m. over my too many cups of joe! I so want another one! Did you ever peek at my little man in my pics? Maybe they can be cyber buds just like their Mom's!

Congrats to you on your new addition,
I hope you both get some much needed rest,
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The puppy sounds like the sweetest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And yes, it does sound like she chose you and that is super special.

It is amazing how pets can get you through some tough times.  My bloodhound, Sadie, is the sweetest, most loving thing.  She knows when mama feels bad, and she will just snuggle up close to me and put her big old foot over me like she is giving me a hug.  It is just the sweetest thing ever.

Have fun puppy shopping and hurry and get us some pictures up!!!!!  

Shell will probably let her baby play with yours, she won't let Sadie.  Could it be that Sadie our weights her about 96 lbs?......................heeheeheeheehee

Love & Puppy Kisses
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Reggie (my baby boy) just saw what Doni says, and just whispered in my ear that he'll take Sadie for a ride anyday...lol...  Just needs to a boost up on that back of hers! LOL (((LOTS of HUGS Girls))))) - Shell

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Hey, why don't we get a saddle for Sadie and Reggie and my as yet un-named puppy can ride her double...yee haa...in this day and age I am sure we could even get little cowboy hats for our little ones!  tee hee

I will get some pics up as soon as I can!

Lots of Hugs.
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How cute would that be!?!  Can't wait to see the pictures!!!!!

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Rena, why not call him Snack Size?  ;-)

Those Papillons are the sweetest dogs.  i don't usually like the small dogs, but I make an exception for them - they're very good-natured and easygoing.  They make great pocket dogs - I've seen lots of people with the 'purse dog' setup, and they're usually Papillons.
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Puppies are miracles with paws.  I am glad you found your miracle.
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Ok... I finally was able to scan some pics of the puppy but they are not great but you will get the idea anyway...I will of course have more once I get her! tee hee  I went out before my exercise class this a.m. and bought a blanket, dishes, food, squeaky toy, a kong (dog toy for those that don't know), pretty pink collar and pink leash, bed...all I need now is the kennel which I just didn't have time to get so I will get it tomorrow on the way home from my appointment with the stupid therapist...who needs therapy...just get a puppy!! he he

Lots of Hugs,
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I am so excited about your prospective new puppy.  I want a puppy!!!!  You will have a lot of fun training a new pup and going out to buy what it needs is much like a mom-to-be nesting before the arrival of her baby.  Enjoy the new addition to your family.

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How about "Muffin"   Then, when you want something sweet, just get a "Muffin"!! Saves on the dieting too.

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Well it sounds like everyone wants a puppy now and all are almost as excited as me!  Only 2 more sleeps and I will get her...went and got some tiny tennis balls for the little munchkin today and will pick up a kennel when I get her so that I know what size to get.  I am so excited that I think I will only sleep with sleeping pills for the next two nights and I had better do that cause I have a feeling that once puppy is in the house...sleep time will be minimal due to whimpering! hehe

Lots of Hugs,
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