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Soooooo completely off topic.....ladies, I have a question?

Men, don't read this! :-)

My dr has recomended a hysterectomy (sp?) due to pelvic organ prolapse.  If any of you ladies has had this surgery, I have some questions. Please send me a mail message.   My second-opinion appointment is in 1 week, and I am working on questions to ask her.  

Opie ann
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I had this surgery for the exact same reason your having it (I had a uterus prolapse) back in 2006. Towards the end, my uterus began to pull my bladder out of place as well and they were worried as to whether or not the bladder would go back into normal position.

When you have organ prolapse there is little options on what they can do. Once they start to mention hysterectomy, your organ prolapse is usually a grade 3-4. and it puts other organs..such as your bowels and bladder in danger from being compromised.

My grandmother's uterus reached a grade 4 and fell out of the vagina and it became an emergency situation because she could no longer urinate or have bowel movements.

My surgery went fine. They left my ovaries behind and they were able to take the uterus through the vagina. I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy. I spent 1 night in the hospital. Later, I did develop ovarian cyst (which I did in the past) and lost my ovaries.

I also had to have my bladder tac/sling because it began to prolapse as well in 2010. You are at a higher risk of other organ prolapse (cystocele & rectocele) after a hysterectomy..but I'm not sure if some of my issue were caused from the uterus pulling the bladder out of place back in 2006.

If I had my choice..I would do it again. The pain/pressure was bad, plus I was having lower back pain caused from the prolapse.
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This is hardly help. My mother in law had this surgery and she is not very happy with the results.  She feels it created more complications than solved problems/symptoms. How's that for absolutely no information?
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I had it when I was 31 because of the ovarian cancer history in my family.

The surgery itself went fine and I am hrt now.

I will say that I have since developed skin problems and all of my health problems started about 7 months after the surgery.

I have no idea if my health issues have any at all to do with loss of my ovaries etc but I wonder about it quite often.
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Today a friend of mine is having a hysto. and she is having it done through micro surgery.

She will be Hospital for just 5 days.

Maybe you can ask your Gyno about that way?

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Opie, I see that MedHelp has re-opened its Expert Hysterectomy Forum. You may want to post there.

How's that cute little baby girl?

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Than you all!

Slightelybroken,  I do have cystocele and rectocele.  And my cervex is only 1/4 to 1 inch inside.  Sometimes it is at the edge.  That is why he rally thinks that I should go on and do the surgery.  Currntly, my baldder is working ok, but sometimes, I can't empty.  the wall between my vagina and colon is paper thin.  Hi have had IBS for most of my life.  They will leave the overies.  

I am worried about the in and out of the hospital thing.  It is diffiult to get help with the kids if I am home.  People are moe willing to help if you are in-patient.  I know that sounds strange, but that is reality.  I am also worried about recovery with the almost 4 year old and infant in the house.  The 4 year old is a verry physical boy!

The baby has grown out of the 3mo size.  She is doing well!  I dread packing away and giving away those tiney clothes.
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I cant find the "button" to let me post a question.  It is :open" but the forum is still blank!
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Your cervix's location sounds exactly where mine was when I had my hysterectomy. They considered mine prolapse a grade 3.

Does your GYN repair cystocele & rectocele? They can repair those at the same time when they do the hysterectomy. In my opinion, it's better to get it all done in one big bang, rather than separate surgeries..although mine didn't turn out that way. When they repaired my bladder, they re-enforced my vagina walls and anchored the bladder to the spine. My Uro-gyn said that the results would last longer than the tradition tac/sling and since I was young, he didn't want me in there again 20 years down the road. It did fix my stress incontinence.

If they decide to do all these procedures, you might be in the hospital for more than a day and it all depends. You'll still have restrictions weeks after coming home if they repair the cystocele and rectocele..almost no lifting (which could pose a problem since you have an infant).

I hope everything works out for you. Babies grow too fast, don't they!
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