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Sore Throat..But Only On One Side

I got a sore throat the other day...I think my allergies were acting up because I was wheezing as well. The funny thing about it was, my throat was only sore on one side. My glands even felt sore but just on the right side. The left side had no pain when I swallowed. This has happened many times before. I was just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar?
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I haven't been seeing you much one here, I hope everything is ok with you!!!!!!!  I am going to my new neuro on July 29th, and Sjogren's is one of the things I am going to ask him about!!! Let me know what happens with your neuro and everything, ok?

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That's probably what it is. Thanks for the info. I have some issues with my throat sometimes. I get dry foods hung up in my throat and I choke. Sometimes I choke for no reason at all (on my own saliva). At one time, the doctor noted that I had no gag reflex on the one side but eventually it came back.

Santana-I'm talking with my doctors about Sjogrens. I'm not sure if they are going to try to get my old lip biopsy results or not. They are in a different state where I use to live. I do have swollen glands in my neck that stay swollen. Sometimes they are painful, other times they aren't but they are always enlarged. Thanks for looking that info up.

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Ess nailed this one!  Allergies and/or sinuses with one-seded post nasal drip!  I used to get it all the time and when I looked, I had a nasty stream of muscous going down that side.

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Aren't you the one who is being tested for Sjogren's?  I think we had talked about it because I am being tested for it too, Is this right??  Anyway, as I have read up on it there was some information on swelling of the salava glands on one side but can't recall straight off what it said right now!! By the way, I have had this before too!!!!!!!!

Will do some more reading up on it later and let you know!!!!!

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Yup, had that a lot. It could well be associated with a sinus infection, where gunk (like my medical terminology?) is dripping onto the back of your throat on one side. I 'm thinking that especially since you complain of one-sided lymph node swelling too. Your allergy activity could have started it all.

The usual OTC remedies often work well for this, but if it goes on long you might want to see you PCP. I had a bad cold this past winter that turned into a nasty sinus infection that went on and on. Finally a Z-Pack prescription knocked it out. From what I understand, secondary bacterial infections from viruses or allergies are very common.

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That has happened to me several times, although I have never asked the doc about it so it may not be very helpful.  Sometimes it is on one side of my throat, sometimes my tongue, sometimes it seems to radiate from my ear.  It seems to happen as I am getting sick.  It can really really hurt when I swallow.  I have allergies and used to have tons of ear infections (much longer than usual).  The one sided pain is weird, but it seems to go away when I am well and has never turned in to anything worse than a cold or an infectino (sinus or ear).
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