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Spasticity "event"

I have had spasticity in my left leg, but most central to my left knee, for about a year. Once we figured it was the MS and not ortho - I went on 10mg of Baclofen in am & pm and keep it under control. (Anything as much as 1/4 pill more knocks me out)

About 3 weeks ago - it was like the Baclofen wasn't working. Like it was a placebo or something. Spasticity came back ... I'd sit at work, stand up and the leg *would not straighten*. Also, once I worked it straight, it wouldn't bend for stairs or sitting down comfortably.

Called doc .. UTI test negative .. (They said an infection can make it flare up .. I knew to ask for PT, I have a great water PT program nearby ....

Been playing phone tag w the actual doc since last Thu.

In the 3 weeks it's gotten "better" .... It's slowly slowly less spastic. I can stand with more ease. It's still hard to put on socks, it's difficult to sit on the potty without something to hold on to. It's hard to get up/down off the floor with my kids, etc.

So I'm curious based on experience - what has caused something like this for others? An infection I didn't know about?

I do have a history of surgery in that knee, 11 years ago (torn meniscus, lateral release) ... PT said today could be a mechanical problem that is pissing off the MS. But she feels the PT can calm it all down.
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Hi D!

Almost sounds like a relapse to me unless there was a change in weather/humidity or stress.

I had a rigid bicep for a few weeks a couple of years ago and even with Baclofen it didn't ease up. In my case I was doing more writing and typing so the spastic muscle was being used a lot and staying contracted.

I hope you can get it figured out,

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Sounds like relapse to me as well. Looking for a UTI was a good call. I do not think the past knee surgery has anything to do with it. If for some reason Baclofen does not work there are other drugs like Zanaflex. It might take time to see if it is a relapse.
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