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Spinal Tap Normal

Just want to share this with you:
My symptons are intermittent tingling in one leg for about 3 years, 3 vertigo that lasted about 4 seconds and one electric shock in the neck that happened in January also intermittent upper middle abdominal pressure.
These are the tests in the order they were recieved:
1. Neurological exam had increase reflex in both knees.
2. EMG normal.
3. lumbar spine MRI normal.
4. The bad news, brain MRI had multiple small millimeter sized white matter lesions (13) in the periventricular and subcortical area none enhance with contrast.
5. Blood test to rule out other diseases normal.
6. Evoked potentials normal (VER).
7. C-spine MRI with contrast normal.
8. T-spine MRI with contrast normal except for a small herniated disc with slight cord impingement at T6 and T7 .
9. Lastly spinal tap normal.
  I was extremely happy with this last result however my neuro did say that there was still a high probable chance of developing MS in the future, she said I will need another brain MRI in 6 months.  I wonder if there is anyone in this same situation who has undergone all these tests.  Because of my mild symptons I'm more than happy of being spared from a MS diagnosis.  I just pray my MRI will show no change in 6 months.  But what else could be causing lesions in the brain?  May be the tingling is from the herniated disc.  Any thoughts?

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First of all, I'm glad that you're happy about your LP results....how wonderful for you!

It seems that you are at peace and satisfied with the progress of your dx.  I'm also happy that your symptoms not interfering with you having a somewhat normal life...
I really can't answer your questions about the MRI, because this is all new to me, as well.  I know that a family member of mine had a herniated disc and had several problems as a result of it.  I can't remember what area it was in her spine/back though.

As sad as this sounds a lot of us here WANT more evidence in the tests that may help us to get a dx. Such is LimboLand...YUK!
Take care,
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I wouldn't say that I am at peace I'm just scared to death of getting a MS diagnosis.  For every tests I had after the abnormal MRI I have prayed for negative results.  My hope for now is for a miracle....  But I can understand your feelings about wanting a diagnosis even if it is MS.  I am just still hoping I have something else that has a cure.  If only I could stop thinking about MS and move on.

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I'm so sorry...I didn't mean to imply that you weren't scared or anything...My apologies..

The only reason I said what I did about some of us wanting a dx, was not just an MS dx, but any dx...as long as it's the right one....I'm sure you feel that way too...
I mean, we know that there is something wrong with our bodies, and just need answers and/or treatment to move on with our lives....

Also, as other's will tell you--MS is not a death sentence...it has been successfully treated with different medications and some people live a very normal life....Sadly, like you said, there is no cure---YET!   I have faith that some day that will happen!

Take care and keep praying, Sara---it seems to be helping you...
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