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Spine MRI

Hi everyone.............Just got back from my C & T spine MRI....umm they did it without contrast!  I was in there over an hour and fell asleep.  Last night both legs were killing me, couldn't sleep....at 1:00am my DH told me to take my vicodin cause I had to be up at 6am!

The heat is driving me insane......Ive been dizzy, nauseated, feeling faint, arms and legs feel weak...but when something needs done they arent actually weak....just a feeling.  Luckily the temp is falling here, so some of those problems are leaving :)

I have my Disc here at home with my Brain, C&T Mri...Dr wanted me to bring it with me for my followup on the 20th.  I'm really tempted to put it in my computer to see what it looks like.  BUT I have no idea what I'm looking at or FOR! lol

My pain management dr prescribed me vicodin for my bad pain, and Lyrica 75mgs 2xs a day .. BUT sadly it has to be preauthorized.  They haven't put the paperwork in YET ( I went on the 4th to have it filled)  Appearantly the nurses need help feeling out the form and my Dr is on vacation!

My insurance co didn't even know that is was just FDA approved for Fibro......and because I was never given a muscle relaxer I don't thing I will qualify ... this is one of their pre authorization hoops you have to jump thru.  Ive been on almost everything under the sun but THAT.

Sorry for venting.........I really wanted to know since they did it without contrast will lesions still show up?  The without contrast was my Drs decision.

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I had my head and spine MRI done yesterday morning but being the uk and nhs i have to wait two weeks till it gets sent to my consultant and another week till i see him.

I am on lyrica and take 375mg a day and find it helps but it has made me gain weight!!

I have felt motion sick most of the time for the last few days and was thinking to see if i could get anything for that i also get that weakness in your legs yet its like you say not waekness but a feeling i feel like they are being drained from groin down.

lyrica being a fairly new drug is expensive so iv read i hope you get that prescription soon it might help it does me.This drug is for neuropathic pain and given to diebitics and epilectics (cant spell on either of those) Its not for muscle pain so surly you should get it for nerve pain? i hope so.

mine was done without contrast Quix has done a great posting about this somewhere on here explained it well as i worried about that too.

Take Care

Take Care
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I tried to look for the responce Quix gave me when i asked the very same question but i cant find it sorry.

I think all new lesion show with or without contrast and old ones are seen too without contrast i believe the contrast shows up the more smaller lesions but id have to leave this question to others with more knowledge.

I hope you get the lyrica sorted soon i dont understand how these insurances go about the whole process.

Hope my posting make sense my brain has gone walk about tonight so if you see it roaming around let me know!! LOL

Take Care
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I believe the contrast will show active lesions. Old and new (active) lesions will both show up with a no contrast MRI.

I do know that lesions are harder to see in the spinal column.

I hope you get the results soon.
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I have read many posts for Lyrica and found that they even prescribe this medication for people with Anxiety Disorders (which I also happen to have).  I don't know how its suppose to work for them, but I hear it does wonders for anxiety and depression.

I looked at my MRI of my Brain...I have no idea lol......but the report was on there and it reads like this.....I'll copy and paste the findings...

The ventricles and sulci are normal in size and configuration.

There is a slight non-specific periventricular T2 prolongation.

There are 3 foci of white matter T2 prolongation noted in the frontal lobes.  There are no focal enhancing lesions.

There is no hemorrhage, mass effect, or midline shift.  There are no extra-axial fluid collections.  There are no acute ischemic changes.

Visualized paranasal sinuses and mastoid air cells are clear.

1. No Acute Intracranial Abnormality
2. Slight Periventricular Non specific white matter

I know you all aren't docs but if you have any idea what this Greek stuff means fill me in lol

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