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Starting Hospice

I am starting hospice for my cancer. My pain has become hard to manage. I also have no appetite. I still eat anyway.
I can really feel the cancer now. I have a giant lymph node in my neck. The nurse says what happens with those lymph nodes is the are so close to major blood vessels that the blood vessel burst and you bleed out. That is not a happy thought. I still have a good attitude. I am planning a trip to Gettysburg in November. Then a trip in January.
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I'm so sorry Alex. There are no words...I pray hospice can offer you comfort and relief from the pain and that the trips you have planned create wonderful memories.  I'll be thinking of you!   Hugs!!!  

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Thank you for letting us know, Alex. I pray that the pain is manageable with the hospice care, and you are able to take and enjoy your trips! Continuing to think of you.

All my best,
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I too am thinking of you!

I hope that giving hospice a go will be very beneficial and at least work out some much needed and better pain relief, giving you a more pleasurable adventure to Gettysburg later this month and what ever you've got planed for January and beyond.....HUGS!
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Many hugs Alex!!
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Alex I am sorry to hear about your need for hospice care but if it helps with your pain and you can enjoy your upcoming trips it's for the best. I am a hospice volunteer and I love what I do . You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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Alex, it is a good thing that hospice is there and that you can accept it to help with your pain and moving forward to your plans. I suspect the acceptance was not earned easily, but you are so strong and so wise and so kind, empathic, that you will be ok for sure. Those sound like pretty neat travel plans. Hopefully you can get your strength up before you travel. Rest up, girl : )
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Hello Alex,  I'm  touched by your bravery and grace through your battle. I'm glad hospice will be able to help you manage your pain. Your trip to Gettysburg sounds fun. I will continue to pray for you and send my best your way.
HUGS, barb
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Hi Alex,
thinking of you, hope the hospice gives you the comfort you deserve, enjoy making those new memories on your trips.
Take care.
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I am still working out dosages so I am still in pain. We are doubling the dose tomorrow.
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Hey, Alex.

  I hope you get to go to Gettysburg although you're as brave as any soldier's spirit there in my book.

  It's an honor.

  Thanks and carry on.


I have been pretty sick. I still have not got the medications straight.
Really sorry to hear that, Alex. I hope they get it figured out - like yesterday already. Melinda is so right on with her comment. Thank you so much for updating us on what's going on. I hope you will continue to keep us all in the loop.
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