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Starting swimming again at the local Gym

It's been nearly 10 months since I last swam,  I returned this week for lap swimming mainly for my back & now my MS.

It's a  not a pretty picture,  I can't take off my  hair sweater,  :-D..  
I think I take half of the pool with me when I get out of the pool.

When I would looked across the pool  as swam,  I could  see the waves,   it really thru me off balance,  good thing I was in the pool.

I"m a very slow swimmer-, I guess I have extra drag due to the sweater.
One thing for sure  I don't worry about overheating in the pool.   I felt ok afterwards,   then came the locker room & shower after- I  now know I'm not the same man as I was a year ago before all of this MS.

I will have to be very  careful in showers & getting dressed.  DARN MS.

I will try to swim atleast twice a week,  and ride my recumbent  bike at home,   no more heavy weight lifting for me.

                Does any one have any thoughts on what you do to keep moving?


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All my yelling is to get the tv turned off, or at least the volume turned down! LOL

Seriously, John, water exercise is one of the best things you can do.  you don't overheat.  you don't risk injuring yourself with a fall as long as you don't drown.  You have minimal impact on your joints.  you can get in a really good cardio workout in the pool.

You don't have to just swim laps - try some other exercises and jogging is very good.

Keep it up - anything you  do to move, including yelling about NFL games, is better than nothing.  

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No such thing as a bad NFL game,  only some games are better than others.

It a great day when the Packer lose- & the New England Patriots..

the NFC rocks....

John           A.K.A   Johniebear

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Good for you! I am thinking of starting back swimming. I think armchair quarterback counts. At my husbands work they gave points for fitness and the ladies added knitting.

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  Water excercise is very good as mentioned...
A couple cautions though is:

* Careful of "Heated" pools....as any raise in body temp can throw you in to
  a PseudoFlare..

* Also, while in the water, you are Bouyant and therefore when you go to get out
  of the pool you may feel "Heavy Legged". So take it slow when you are getting out.

* And Lastly, make sure and drink some water or smoething (keeping hydrated) when
  you are finished .

You can do Many resistant traing excercises while in water making it safe because
you are not using free weights but can certainly get resistance.....

I used to teach Aquatic Classes for our Local YMCA and Hospital (Rehab)....That's where I am drawing this info from...  :)

  Good for you though..you are doing Awesome!  
  And YES! I agree when you made the statement that your body is not what it used to be what it was a year ago :(

   I can so relate....DARN this MS!!!!
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Don't do anything involving bathing suits.  yes, out of vanity, stupid I know.
It would be a stretch to say I LIKE any other exercises, but I do them, mostly cardio (jogging), some strength training, balance exercises, and tons of stretching morning and night.  And walking my standard poodle.  I always feel horrible whenever I don't stick to some actitivity; ironically, I feel less fatigue generally when I'm getting regular exercise; I sleep better, and can often reduce the dose of some of my meds.  I just have to ignore the Lhermitte's and other sensory stuff that goes crazy when I work out.  Keep cool with ice water, a fan, light clothing.  My challenge is sticking to it; I think because I find exercise to be such a chore, it is easy to quickly get out of the habit.

The best exercise is the one you will do!  who was it that said that?  Someone on the panel quoted it at the MS symposium last weekend.
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love to swim. was a very active ocean diver and jumper.

last few years i haven't been able to get consistent days of feeling well to go swimming. and yes, i get dizzy when i turning my head to breath. though to counter that i would take my mask/snorkle with me so no need to turn my head to breath.

the lack of consistently is really frustrating.

i sure miss the work outs though, the diving and jumping. it so messes with my psychy.

my spine has issues too so i never know which is presenting the symptoms during/after a workout...the spine/nerves or ms.

since i had to quit working recently due to my unpredictable symptoms maybe i can force myself to get back to the pool if only for a few laps.

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