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Starting to see some of the dangers of sensation loss

I started noticing it the other day, as I stepped outside and rested my arms on a black truck bed cover. I stood there for a few minutes talking with a friend, when he put his arm on the cover and screamed. Of course I laughed and teased him. I honestly didn't think it was hot.

Just today, I was leaning on my car, waiting on someone, and thought about the other day. I had a buddy check the car for me, as it was noon, and the car was sitting in the sun all day. Same reaction. So I checked both arms and hands against the car, and again, nothing. To check myself, and make certain that I wasn't being played, I took a hot pot from a coffee maker, and pressed it against my arm,..... Nothing. I made a cup of coffee from the same pot and nearly burned my lips off.

Now looking at my arms (I work in the foundry, around molten iron, and often use a torch to cut metal) I see multiple burns that do not look so good. Not infected, but I never noticed that I had been burned.

I am really starting to see the hazards here. Question is, what can I do to protect myself. I cannot go pressing my lips against every surface, as funny as the visualization of it sounds, lol. I dread the thought of wearing heavy sleeves all day, and simply cannot wear heavy gloves, as most of my work requires handling small tools.

Any input would be most welcome

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I am so sorry you are experiencing this.  I don't have any advise for you on this.  I guess I just wanted to bump it up for you and hope someone else can give you some good advise.

Be careful and observant!  

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This is one of the things those of us with MS have to come to understand and find a way to deal with.  

I learned that that I wasn't feeling heat in a normal way when I spilled a cup of coffee on my legs.  I didn't feel the heat until it hit my left let, the right let didn't feel a thing.  I actually got blisters on my leg and didn't feel those later either.  

I tested the lack of heat sensation several times and it is consistent.  It only affects my right leg and right hand.

The best thing you can keep in mind, at all times, is being aware of what is hot and what might be hot.  You did a smart thing by asking a friend to check for you as that's a great idea.

Are all your limbs affected?  If not, start trusting the unaffected limb or even if it is a toe or finger that will work.  

This is a strange symptom one I don't like at all.

Be careful out there.

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Hi Jonny,

You have to be extra careful with this.

For example I can get a terrible sensation to scratch my hands or arms (which are now covered in scars) as I have don't have any sensation on when to stop!

As Julie ponted out, I think that you have to realize when something is going to be hot, and not touch it - not with your lips as such, but more with an understanding of what is going to be, or not to be hot - if you get my meaning??

Example:-  you have just boiled the kettle and you touch it, but you can't feel anything?? but you know in your mind that it's going to BE hot.

Be careful Jonny and take extra EXTRA care, at least you're aware of the potential dangers - so no more kissing cups OK:))


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I had to stop wearing toe rings on my effected toes because I lost feeling in them..To make a long story short, I had smashed my toe ring to the point that it was buried into the skin. I didn't feel it. It wasn't discovered until days later, when I had to pry the metal from my skin.

I understand your predicament. My husband works in an iron mill and everything in there is hotter than heck. He said the floor alone gave off a reading of 365 degrees. He is a maintenance man so he does have to wear the thick gloves but has to take them off when he works with his tools.

I guess the best advice is already given, be cautious like others have suggested. Be aware of what your arms are lying on, especially in the work place. If you do get burns, make sure you treat them. Burns can be nasty and hard to heal and can easily become infected. If you can, see if your doctor will right you a RX for Silverdine..it's great for burns and healing them. If you don't think they need an RX, make sure the burn is clean and you can use always use aloe.

The visualization of you pressing your lips on things is pretty funny though. LOL
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Clearly we are all missing our callings. We all could be super heroes!

I could be Carwash, the masked crusader that can lean on the hot cars of the evil underworld.

Julie could be CounterTop, with the ability to hold a mad cup of hot coffee on her lap.

Deb could be Cat Scratch Fever, with the ability to pose as a cat scratching post.

Slightlybroken could be ToeCuff, with the ability to walk around with normally with her toes cuffed.

Lol, see, we are just looking at it in the wrong perspective :oP

Seriously, thanks for the input, and Thanks Addi, for bumping it up!
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We needed the laugh Johnny.  Thanks.

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I think Johnny has a great idea there...maybe you should get together and try out on...


he he he he

Just making a joke and I hope Johnny doesn't start going around and kissing things to test their temperature!  I wish you luck Johnny and take care my dear!

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i feel for ya. each of us/symptoms are so different, what about a little trial and error when away from the foundry? testing yourself safely with items so your mind can kinda get a feel and you'll have some recall about certain objects, sensations and distance?

i don't know about foundry's but when i worked at a steel mill i can't imagine not wearing long sleeves and gloves

i see you took all the women with you on this forum. smart move!
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slightlybroken (aka ToeCuff) LMAO

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