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Steroids vs postpartum hormones

Hi all, mostly just checking in.  I took the last dose of the taper-down on prednasone today.  I actually fudged  the last couple of doses and came down a little faster than Rx'd.  I am having symptoms getting worse in my face, neck and sholder; but 2 days of 10mg wil not help that anyway.  My psyche can't tak another day of the lower dose stuff.  The higher doses do not really affect my thoughts, but when I getr down to 30mg or so, I can't stand it! LOL

I can wear my "fat-pants" and a few of my normal ones, but am starting to get disgusted with my reflection.  Not to mention, it is 4 weeks and I am still doing the boob leaking.  I did everything you are suposed to do and not do to get the disgusting stuff to dry up, but it is still making trails as I walk a ross the bathroom.  (sorry guys).  I would do anything for a good boob surgeon to take it away!  :-0

I hope that all of you are well,

Opie ann
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Oh yea, and my eyes are so swollen that I can't keep my contacts in!  But i gust got the cutest baby huggs!!!
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I was just thinking about you.  I had a follow up with my neuro and she's pretty on board with the new study saying that breastfeeding is more protective than going back on medications.  It's one study - and I don't know many neuros who make decisions off of one study in regards to anything so it makes me a little nervous.  Also she said I could breastfeed AND go back on my monthly steroid injection - so we may go that route.

Are the symptoms you are getting new or returning?
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My current symptoms are returning ones. My neuro has one patient that breastfed and lost the ability to walk for the first time.  So he was totally against it.  That is ok with me, I did not do it with the other two either!

I get these blue halo looking things around the iris of my eyes when on steroids.  I have that thistime, but now I have a large pool of blood in the white of my left eye.  It is under the eye lid.  Anybody ever had this before?
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