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Still hanging in there

   For those who do not know me I have had MS for 51 years. I got MS before MRIS or the drugs. All they knew was I had brain stem damage. My GP caught the MS at a yearly physical. I have Primary Progressive MS. It took two years and several neurologist to diagnose MS. For me the LP diagnosed it. The doctors had trouble with symptoms from childhood and I did not recognize my symptoms because I had had them for as long as I could remember.
  My MS caused depression so I ended up as a teenager in state mental hospitals. Then I was diagnose Bipolar. Now psychiatrists say I am not Bipolar.
   Then 4 years I was diagnose with terminal cancer. In February of this year I stopped cancer treatment because the last 4 chemos did not work and I was told I have months to live. I wanted some quality to life. I can no longer eat most foods at least solids.
    I am hanging out with my husband and friends. I walk in the pool an hour a day. I ride a horse named Clara when I can. I adopted a deaf dalmatian puppy two years ago. I have two deaf dalmatians, a fox hound, and a cat.
    I have a bucket list. I have done a hot air balloon ride, riding an Icelandic horse, riding in a open **** pit plane, 3 1/2 weeks in Europe, many small trips, and next Zip lining and staying at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC.
     I know it is tough to have an illness like MS. Be true to yourself. I will not say have a positive attitude, feel how you feel. Realize control is an illusion. All we can control is how we think and our emotions. Worry is trying to control the future and you can't. It did not think 4 yeasr was a long time. Now I know if you live each day it is a very long time.
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Thinking of you, your journey and your strength of character leaves me breathless sometimes.....thank you for being you, thank you for passing on your wisdom, thank you!

Hugs and more hugs........JJ
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Hi Alex,
I've only been on here about year now,  so I'm very new to knowing about you & your journey. What you have dealt with & are still dealing with is just something very hard to take in.
Who you are & your everything amazes me! For me, You are one inspirational lady!
You keep enjoying time with all the animals & your bucket list........you're smashing it Alex!
I agree with JJ, thankyou for passing on everything you have.
Big hugs to you Alex.

Always great to hear from you! Your story is a great inspiration to many.

I have always liked you
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Hi Alex,
You truly are an inspiration to us all.  Sending HUGS and prayers your way.
Best regards, barb
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Hi Alex,

Just stopped by and saw your post. You are truly an inspirational person. Whenever I am having a moment where I feel sorry for myself I try to remember how lucky I am. Always remember how much you have helped others.

Hugs, Karry.
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HI Alex,

Good to see you on here and still working on your bucket list. so happy you've had the chance to ride Clara again.

You are a true inspiration to one and all! No self-pity, just honest reality checks for those who think their life is tough. I admire your strength and courage more than you could ever imagine.

Hugs  my friend,
Thanks everybody
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