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Still no Diagnosis..please help

Symptoms- loss of vision in one eye for 30-45 minutes at a time. weakness & tingles in limbs. Constant stomach pain, night sweats, dizziness, and severe fatigue. Symptoms have lasted for over two years now.

I have been to see two diffrent neurologists and still no answer.  My Brain MRi is abnormal with many too numerous to count lesions in the corticomedullary area of the brain.  I have had 3 Brain Mri's over last year and half. I developed more lesions btw last year Mri and now. C-spine & T-spine normal.  Spinal fluid normal except for elevated basic myelin protein.  Visual evoked potential abnormal. I have had two of them and their has been no change btw tests. Went to eye doctor, said no optic neurits present.   Neurologists  thinks the vison loss is migraine aura without headache. So  why am I still in the possible ms category , and why do I have all of these lesions on my brain?
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It sure sounds like ms but I'm no doctor & still not diagnosed myself. I don't think we have met before so if your new then WELCOME!! I would get another opinion from another neuro. Does this neurologist specialize in ms?? Like I said I'm not a doctor but you really need to be on treatment! I'm on my 3rd neuro & praying this is the one! Did they check for o-bands in your spinal fluid? Have you had a mri of your cervical or thoracic spine? I started off having all the ms mimics ruled out (lymes, low B12, lupus , ect) I also had an EMG, & a MRI of my brain (w/wo contrast) that showed lesions, but no lp yet. Being in limbo is horrible! Your body is doing all these crazy things & you don't know why. It seems like my drs. just want to hand out meds but never find out what the problem is thats causing you to need the meds. I know I probably haven't helped much but there are many caring people in this forum who are way more knowledgable than me. There isn also alot of info in the health pages at the top of the screen if you want to check them out. I pray you get answers soon! God bless you & if you need anything at all feel free to contact me! Best wishes!
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Oh my, Tanlee. So sorry.

Welcome to the forum.  I'm glad you found us.  I sure don't know why you have lesions in your brain, but I do know for sure that someone needs to be digging for a cause.

They are running MRIs on a yearly basis? Did the Dr. mention what has been ruled out so far?

Not all lesions are caused by MS, and it takes a lot of investigation on the part of the Dr. to explore all options.

Were either of the two neuros MS specialists?

Thanks for joining us,
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There is a fairly extensive list of MS symptoms and the diseases that can mimic MS.  

Migraine falls under several MS symptom categories and I thought you would want to read up on this - here is the link -

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Thanks everyone for all of the replies.  My bloodwork was all negative for lupus, RPR, hiv, lyme disease.  Also, my b12 & folate levels are within normal range.  no O-bands in spinal fluid. The only thing sure of is lesion in rt. visual pathway. and a lot of lesions on brain.
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As for the lesions, I have no idea. They could be caused by MS, but besides drug use I am not sure what would mimic it.  Have you had any problems with vision when you were not having a headache? How do you respond to being in the heat? The sweats suck, you wake up in the morning feeling like you took a freaking shower. Alot of what you described sounds like ms but dont go freaking out thinking you have it just because a few of us typed it sounded like ms....hang in there and I will be thinking of you...
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One last question, are your lesions active or are the currently dormant?
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The doc has never found any acive lesions. The lesions have been there on all 3 Mri, but when contrast is added nothing changes.  The only drugs I have ever taken in prescription yasmin for birth control pills.  I have been on them for about 10 years now.  Wonder if that could cause the lesions? who knows.....
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First thing to do is take a look at the McDonald criteria.  There's a page in our health pages section that explains what the neuro's looking for (look at the top right of the screen.)

It sounds to me like you have dissemination in time of symptoms, dissemination in space of symptoms (multiple areas are affected,) and more than one lesion.  With those factors, a neurologist should be diagnosing you with MS.  

So if that's true, see if you can find a new neurologist.  
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Hi again,

Wanted to add that birth control would not be on the list causes of lesions...

How many times did you lose vision in your eye? And, are you able to get another opinion?

I'm going to look for and bump up an old thread for you ref. ON and CIS.

Hope you can stick around, and if you get the chance peek at our health pages too.

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