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Stood up by the doc

Ok, so I wnt to the OBGYN for a follow-up about the frequent urination today.  They said that he was running late to come back at 11:00 (1 hr later).  I went down to leave, and someone hit my car. The children and I are ok, but I barely made it back in han hour after the police and the insurance and.....

Ok, I get there at 11:05.  He is still not there.  I waited about 35 min., and then they took me back to a room.   They were expectin his delayed arrival at 11:00.  Anyway,  The boys are being boys and running around the exam room (this is my nightmare).  At 12:30, the nurse came in to tell me that I could see the partner, that I don't know, or come back.  I told her that I was just going to tell my doc that "If I a not sick, and all of the urinating is not going tomake me sick, than lets just leave it alone."  I asked her to tell him that and call me if he wants me to return.  

Now the children are hungry. It is the youngest' nap time, and I am at my wits end.

Do I bother even going back?  I really like the guy, it is not his fault that the abdominal mass surgery took longer than they expected.... UGG!!!!!
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Hi, opie. What a disaster your appointment turned out to be. I think everyone can relate.

If I were you I'd allow a few days to let things settle, then call and ask to speak to the doctor personally. He does owe you an apology, even though it was not his fault directly.

In the final analysis you do need to deal with the peeing issue, if not with him then elsewhere. Since you like this doc, he's probably your best bet.

Next time, do you think you could leave your kids with a sitter? It would just make things less complicated and you would be more relaxed.

Hang in there.

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How spookie that the SAME THING just happened to me.  I had an appointment with the GYN at 1:15.  As soon as I got there, they told me that he had an emergency C-section and he was running late.  All of his partners were booked solid.  I waited and waited and waited.  Finally around 2 :15 they said that I could go ahead an do my urinalysis, to get that out of the way.  I waited some more.

Finally I asked if I could reschedule, because they did not know when the doctor would be back.  They did tell me as I was making a new appointment, that according to my urine test, it showed that my blood sugar was sky high.  The test was over 1,000 in my urine.  After all this time of being diabetes free, I guess I am back in the diabetic category.  Start medication AGAIN today.  Sigh...I'm sad.

These OB/GYN's have very uncertain schedules.  Good thing I am retired on disability, so my time is my own time.  Back to him again next week.  This time he is not on call.  Thank goodness.

Sorry you had such a lousy experience.  I can relate...

Big Hugs,

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I didn't mean blood sugar, I meant "glucose" spill over in my urine.....sorry about that.
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Heather:  I knew what you were saying.  
It is just unusual for his office to schedule appointments on a day with two surgeries at two different hospitals.  He has been my obgyn for both children.  He actually delivered both of them.

Ess:  I will give it a few days.   I still have 3 days of the medacine to reduce the bladder spasims.
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Heather, I'm glad you clarified that blood vs. urine glucose thing.  Wife's Type II DM, so I know some about that topic, and I am pretty sure that a blood glucose of 1000 would at the very least get you a trip to the ER, if not the undertaker.

Ess, when do you get your purple flower next to the name?

Back on opie's topic: most docs here will bill you $50 or so if you miss an appointment without at least a day's notice.  If your experience happened to me, I'd suggest a reverse bill, from you, requiring payment of him, might be appropriate.
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why dont you see your neuro, or your primary care md, instead of obgyn
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