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Strange feeling in head

Hello all, For past few months I am experiencing a strange feeling in head. My head becomes heavy suddenly, my hearing is blocked and released every second, or could be described as say my fan is running, but am hearing it running, then suddenly nothing, again fan sound, again nothing.. this continues for few seconds and then i am alright.
Have anyone faced similar problem?
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Or more exactly, it looks like contracting my brain and releasing every few seconds
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I have frequent numbness in my head (mostly my right ear, right cheek, right eyelid and nose - but it sometimes migrates over the top of my head and into my left eye) - and sometimes it feels like I have a tight headband on around my head.  Weird.

And sometimes the hearing in my right ear will come and go quickly - like someone is repeatedly putting a cotton ball in my ear and then pulling it back out again. This will go on for a minute or two and then right itself.

And over the past few weeks I've started to hear music that isn't there. This only happens at night when I lay down to go to sleep (but I'm not near actually falling asleep). The music is distant - like someone next door is playing their music loudly and it's carrying over to my house.  It's always rock music (think Bon Jovi style), I can hear the drums, the guitars, the keyboards and the muffled voice of the singer, but it's no song that I could put a name to. As soon as I sit up to go and check the house for a radio that got left on the noise disappears.  When I lay back down again, it starts again.  I can listen to it for hours before I eventually fall asleep.  At first I thought I was going crazy, now I'm just doing my best to try to enjoy "my own personal soundtrack" as another MSer, who has the same symptom, put it. ;-)

I also have trigeminal neuralgia, which might be a factor in several of these symptoms as well (I know the stabbing jolts of electrical pain in my right ear is from TN).
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Hi CanCanRun, As you said trigeminal neuralgia, I read about it now and I think I kind of have that.. 8 months ago, I pulled my impacted wisdom tooth, that OS has made a nerve injury in my left side of face, and that has affected my sense in the left side of front jaw.. It used to be pins and needles sense in my left front jaw, ofcourse it has improved a lot now, but still its not completely gone.. I think am recovering slowly. So this could be a cause too? which specialist should I check with? Is there any medications to improve this problem?
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Neurologists generally deal with TN, so your neuro should be able to talk to you about it. There are some medications that help TN symptoms - but they have some hefty side effects. I usually take gabapentin for my nerve pain, which mildly helps. The numbness there is really nothing to be done about, and I'm not sure about the hearing things - I'm still trying to get to talk to my doctor about that. I guess there is a surgery they can do if the pain gets too bad, but it is pretty drastic and I'm guessing it would leave you without any feeling in a lot of your face (because they sever the nerve). Anyway... Sorry I couldn't be more help. =(
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Thanks CanCanRun for the help, I will consult a doctor and post my results
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