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Strange happenings at night?

Hey friends...hope all are doing well and not having to deal with any major issues!

I have a question I hope someone can answer...

Night before last my hubby woke me up because he thought I might be having a seizure.  He said that different parts of my body were jerking around and it scared the crap outta him!  Now I know it probably wasn't a seizure because when I did have them years ago he was never able to wake me up until morning.  I also didn't have any of the symptoms the morning after...bitten tongue, petechiae (broken blood vessels in my neck and whites of eyes), terribly stiff muscles.  

I know that when I go to bed at night my right hand (the one with the tremor) will all of a sudden start flopping around like it has a mind of it's own once I start to really relax.  It is really creepy actually, maybe me and hubby should start making scary movies or something with all these weird things happening?  Anyway, these scary "jerks" happen in my legs, arms, hands and even my torso which makes sleeping with me rather uncomfortable hubby says.  He moved to the couch this a.m. because I was doing this in my sleep.  Does anyone else have these little "jerks"in their lives and if so do you know what they are and if it is related to the MS?

I sincerely appreciate any input anyone can offer!

Lots of "Jerky" Hugs,
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I have jerks when I am sitting, laying down and when I'm sleeping, my husband says its like sleeping on a bouncy castle some nights : ). I have segmental myoclonus which means it does not affect all of me, just my legs and back, myoclonus is usually a symptom of something else but it is not easy to find the something else, I've had loads of test over the past 3 years and still no diagnosis. I take clonazepam at bedtime to help me sleep and it calms the jerks down a bit. You have obviously had seizures in the past from what you say and it could possibly be connected to that.
I hope you find this info of use in the meantime think about seeing a neuro for investigation.
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Thanks for your quick response Suz...I really appreciate it!  I am diagnosed with MS and presented with Grand Mal Seizures prior to being diagnosed with MS.  Apparently seizures are a rare symptom and I have had them under control for a LONG time.  My "jerks" seem to affect just about every part of my body and hubby said it was like trying to sleep with a defective wind up toy!  ha ha  I have them during the day as well but wasn't sure if they were related to the night ones.  I just saw my neuro a couple of weeks ago and don't have another appointment with him until next February but he did say if anything new starts to happen to give him a call so I will when I get home from the lake next week.  I didn't mention these "jerks" to him as they were minor until this last one the night before last.  I will add this to my timeline though and keep track of what is going on.  I hope you find some relief my dear and I will let you know what happens in the future!

Lots of thanks,
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Rena, try reading about myoclonic jerks to see if this sounds like what you had.  If you have video capability in your phone record them so your neuro can see what you're talking about.



for a great discussion of the various movement disorders .

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    So sorry to here of these new creepy things going on with you.
Well, Like you said......It probably was NOT a seizure because you did not see any blood on the pillow or have a chunck missing out of your tongue from biting it.

    I have been around many, mnay, people w/ Seizure disorders including my daughter.
Like Quix said, a video taping may be a good tool in helping the doctor to determine what the heck is going on!  You have called your Neuro right??????

   On a side note.......How did the fishing go...or did it?   Any good fish stories for us? :}
I hope you get some answers SOON!    
Keep us updated.
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Hey Quix...good to see you here and I hope you are feeling better soon...sounds like you have been having a rough time lately and I am very sorry for that.
Thank you for pointing me in the direction of this article!  I looks like these "jerks" could also be caused by the Carbamazepine as well...I have been on it for about 17 years and am up to 1200mg/day so maybe I should get my liver checked as well!  You are a wonderful help Quix and I appreciate your help very much!

Hey Tonya...you are right, no blood on the pillow and no bitten tongue..thankfully!  I am in the process of teaching hubby how to use the videocam so hopefully he can figure it out and tape me.  As for the fishing, we have been trying but they dumped 80,000 2 inch long rainbow yesterday and so NOTHING was biting last night but we will get at er' again this evening and see what we can get!  The wind seems to blow a gale here all day so we usually do most of our fishing in the evening when the wind dies down.  No fish stories yet but I will let you know when I do!  hehe

Lots of Hugs,
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