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Strange sensations like electric zaps, voice to skull transmissions

Anyone hearing voices talking about him or to him, or anyone feeling burns, itches, pokes, stings, physiological controls, sleep/awake control, instant muscle or joint weakness, bone pain, etc. that seem to come from outside the body, like an electrical charge that you feel in the air or on a chair, or an energy source that could be directed into a building or as you walk outside, should search electronic mind control weapons on Internet. Also contact ***@**** to talk with people who experience symptoms above and have suggestions and documentation about attacks.
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Voice to skull is a technology wich does exists for many years already. Only used by police, governments, intelligence services and individuals to ruine someone else life, declare them crazy or paranoid schizofrenia. The solution against v2k is described at voice-to-skull.com so do not ever think you are crazy because you aren't schizofrenia almost does not exist all that happens are mind control techniques to take over a persons life as some think the person does not fit into soceity.
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not to worry, you're making perfect sense!

Not trying to hijack the thread, but there have been times when I thought I was going insane. There were some odd moments when I didn't recognize a person I knew well.  I've had a couple of 'back in time' incidents, when I felt like I was the person from 10 years ago, or twenty, rather than the 'now' person.  This is very hard to describe and very subjective.  I haven't had any serious delusions (that I know of!) but I think the frontal and temporal lobe lesions have something to do with it.
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I'm sorry, I'm not very articulate so I tried to keep it brief.

  That's what I meant to say,  that sometimes neurological issues can cause psychiatric disturbances.  I don't think that any part of the physical aspects of MS should cause auditory hallucinations with paranoid thought.

The physical symptoms of paraesthesia etc maybe causing latent psychiatric problems to manifest because of the physical and mental stress of dealing with subjective, non visible symptoms.

Oh well, I know what I mean, sorry everyone else.

PollyTicks, if you are reading this, I'm genuinely concerned for your health and think you need to see a doctor as soon as possible to sort these symptoms out.

All the best to you.

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Unfortunately many people who suffer from schizophrenia believe they're being monitored or spied upon by government entities, or aliens.  The idea that they're being controlled by an external force ("mind control") is a common delusion.  I'm not saying that Polly Ticks has this problem, but it's possible.

It's also possible that brain damage can cause psychiatric problems!  And this brain damage can come with paresthesias.  Certainly when I was first experiencing symptoms, I couldn't tell what was going on - but it felt really weird.
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I believe what PollyTicks is suggesting is that these various sensory symptoms are caused NOT by MS but are somehow as a result of "electronic mind control weapons" aka unproven, absurd conspiracy theory.  

I agree with teenyturner.... this sounds psychiatric.
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yeppers sure do, it is nice to hear that other people get the same things, just to keep you from thinking you aren't going crazy.

I have been having these kinds of symptons since the onset of my MS, so I know what you mean.......do you get the feeling like there is a thread, or a hair hanging and tickling you?   I get that one all the time,

take care, and welcome to the club....
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I don't know for sure but it sounds more psychiatric problem to me.  Have you had some input from your doctor?

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"or an energy source that could be directed into a building or as you walk outside, should search electronic mind control weapons on Internet."

Really? Electronic mind control weapons?
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oh music to my heart!  I get a strange feeling across the back of my neck like someone runs their finger from left to right, makes me "shrug" my shoulders.
Doc says its "a MS thing" not to worry!  ha ha (he doesn't have it)
get the electrical thingy down my neck and back.....

you are absolutely not alone on this!
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