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Stress and Depression

Well, thats all I got out of my appt with neuro#2 yesterday.
Went for my mri of brain, took films with me and saw her an hour later.

MRI was good, she did not see anything causes my TN, or any of my other symptoms. I didnt see any spots either.
still have to get radiologist report though.

I took my father with me, after she explained the mri, and reassured me the 2 syrinx in my spine was not causing symptoms, my father chimes in about STRESS, oh yes she says stress can cause these symptoms and depression can too, and how I should talk to my pcp about antidepressants.....I could have choked him for saying that...

So we are in the car and he is going on about depression and I look at him and ask does depression cause shocking pains in your body, and your feet to feel like someone is poking them with needles....does it cause trigeminal neuralgia????? does it cause a partial vitreous detachment when 75% of the population that has it is over 65 yrs old
I am 42 never had any eye problems....20/20 vision,,,,  He thinks I should take it anyway then if symptoms dont go away then we would know that is not it.                   I dont know what to do now....everyone thinks I am crazy...I am beginning to wonder myself.....I know I should be happy that it was normal,,,thank god no tumors...but it still leaves me blank..no explanation...........

I am just going to wait and see i guess...

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Hi Angie,

I'm sorry you felt mistreated yesterday.

Do keep in mind that real, phycially based symptoms cause stress, and stress can then worsen symptoms.  I am sure your father is just hoping to get you some peace of mind while your diagnosis is in the air.  

As for the neuro telling you about the symptoms of stress/depression, I would take her remarks under consideration, but why take them as the bottom line?  Would you let the dentist diagnose a foot problem?  I would think that you have nothing to lose by meeting with a therapist if such an option is available to you.  I did this after being told by a neuro that my symptoms were stress-related.  I actually consutled two psychologists.  I saw more than 1 neuro, why would I not pursue an anxiety disorder with the same vigor?  My goal is to get better, not to get a specific diagnosis.  I am very close to someone who suffers panic attacks.  They cause real, frightening physical reactions, and need to be controlled through medication.  

I find it irrepsonsible for neuro's to suggest that so many phyical symptoms are stress-related, but then do not push for that possibility to be fully explored.  Likewise, as a patient, I feel responsible to seek proper evaluation for all possible causes of my discomfort.  Meet with the proper specialist to evaluate you for stress and/or depression.  Then you can bring that information with you to the next neruo appointment.  My advice, FWIW.

However, I would hesitate to take anti-depressants lightly, just to see how your symptoms respond.  Is it not possible that your symptoms are caused by a neurologic disorder, but would still respond to medications that alter brain chemistry?  I don't know the answer to that, but it seems reasonable that psychological meds could treat some symptoms even if they don't explain the cause.

You obviously have unusual symptoms that DO NOT fall under emotional disorders alone.  My post is not to invalidate your concerns.  I just want to encourage you to get the most complete evaluation you can, so you have more and more evidence to provide your doctors.

Hope you feel better soon!

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I really appreciate your response...I would much rather talk to a therapist than to take antidepressants. I just hate taking medication, I know my dad is just trying to help, but I felt like I was being attacked in there, the 2 of them going on about depression and stress. My husband and I own a busy feed store right in the middle of a training faucility for thoroughbred horses, which I run that 6days a week, then on top of that we own 400acres of pasture and about 200 head of cattle. But my husband takes care of that and I do the store. there is no change for years the level of stress a business can cause, the only thing new going on is that my son graduated and is moving out...which I worry but I'm excited to the fact also, lot things I havent got to do for many years being a mother...but then again my symptoms started a year and half ago....

I will truly explore the therapist / anti depressants and talk to my pcp about it. Then the next time something comes up atleast I will have that out of the way.

Thank you again

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Well, I think stress can cause all sorts of things and depression too - what sorts I don't know - put pain yest - it causes pain. My MD put me on lots of pills to help with stress and depression but I still think I have MS or something like that also - but I am taking the meds and I feel better - but I am still going after a better DX because stress is not the simple answer to what I am experiencing either.

Good luck.

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I'm sorry you are going through this. I can relate very much to your frustration, believe me. I was told back in April of this year that my symptoms are caused from stress. It crushed me because I believed that I would get answers from these people but they didn't even try. My question to those neuros is...How in the heck can they reach that dx if they didn't ask me anything about my personal life and how I'm feeling emotionally? To me, it's a generic dx. Since they can't find the answers to our problems the problem must be with our heads. That's what I think is wrong with these neuros.

Within weeks of going to these neuros who gave me this lame dx of stress and they said that I wasn't suffering from anything life threatening...I ended up in the hospital with blood clots. So if it sounds like I got a chip on my shoulder, you'd be right. I'm sick of doctors not doing their jobs.

But on a lighter note I do have a wonderful GP who believes that something is going on. She has watched me deteriorate and knows it is not from stress. The only stress I have in my life is dealing with stupid doctors. I ask her for something because I know I was getting depressed with being in pain all the time and having no answers. So I did take something to help me in my time of need but I feel better now and I don't have to take it anymore.

My father made me upset too. He kept saying that I had arthritis or a pinched nerve in my back and it was just a simple problem. But now he knows differently. He has saw the tremors and the spasms. He finally sees the proof that something is occurring. I think my father just didn't want to except the fact that I was sick and could have something bad. I think that was his way of dealing with it. Maybe your father is the same way.

I am here for you, and others too, just like they were for me. Keep on fighting until someone listens. It's so hard sometimes but eventually we will get our answers. Your not crazy!!

I'm here for you (chip and all)
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I know my pcp says it is definitly neurological, I have been to him 5-6times about this stuff, you know you have to get the referral from them. The neuro yesterday made a comment about well I know you have seen several doctors b-4 me, but i would have to agree with them,,,,treat the symptoms, or maybe stress???   I told her I have only seen 1 other neuro besides her, then she said "oh" well I still would have to agree with him. I tuned her out right away, and I got the vibe as soon as she started that there was nothing I could say that would convince her otherwise. She even gave me all my stuff. Like she was telling me dont come back.....

My sister is a nurse and she said too many people are put on antidepressants,,,so like you said, a generic dx , a simple dx.....
I am soooo sick of all this bs, I dont know if I will ever go back to any doctor, other than my pcp.
My dad said that everytime he sees me I look like I want to cry. I told him that is because I am scared, and my husband doesnt like to talk about it, only because he doesnt want to think about me being sick,,,I can talk to my sister and mom, but it is like no one else wants to even ask how I'm doing...I am fed up like you...

Good luck to you and your chip,,,,I think I am developing a sore shoulder myself...Good luck mercyone on your venture to a better dx than stress...

I'm here too, if you guys want to vent


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The neurologist was taking the lazy way out.  There is NO, (read that NO) evidence that stress or depression will cause the symptoms of Trigeminal Neuralgia, nor of fixed paresthesias (non-fleeting ones), nor of structural eye damage.  You need to be done with this neurologist.  Now that the issue has been brought to the front, having a therapist say that you are not the victim of an anxiety disorder, but maybe are having anxiety or stress from suffering severe pain, will be helpful for future doctors to see.  This stuff is interfering with your life, BIG TIME!

Did I ever send you to the site that deals with TN?  Did you ever read here that TN is 300 times more common in people with MS than in the general population?  Also, it can occur from a structural problem, not just from MS.  Did the neuro discuss with you that TN has traditionally been called the "Suicide Pain?"  And that it is generally considered to be among the most painful of all pain syndromes?

Also, are you on meds for the TN?  The traditional one and first-line med for it is carbamazepine.

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